Who is the new British governor, Liz Terrace?

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 "The Queen met her and then she left".. the ruler of New Britain

She was described as a political chameleon, and her supporters said that she is the Iron Woman, who inherited many outstanding issues from Junsu, and she has a complex task ahead of her to save the country. in the Conservative Party. Europe does not want and is pushing for the return of a strong Britain. A woman’s head is not made of iron or paper. After the poll ended, the British Conservative Party chose Monday Foreign Minister La Strass as the party’s leader and therefore prime minister, to succeed Boris Johnson, at a time when Terrace pledged to present a program to cut taxes and deal with the crisis. Energy, and also thanked rival Rishi Sunak for the difficult campaign he fought. 
She also thanked the resigned Prime Minister Boris Johnson for standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, as she described it and his success in Britain's exit from the European Union, in addition to distributing Corona vaccines. 
Johnson, who in turn resigned from office after his government coup against him. Because of the repeated scandals that spread about him, which was chosen by the members of the British Conservative Party, numbering about 160,000 people, the path now seemed clear for her to be at the head of the British government, after many doubted her possibility of reaching this position. Some said that she will inevitably be defeated, but she deviated from expectations to reach the place she wanted. 
Who is the woman who will rule Britain from today, and what about its checkered history? Mary Elizabeth Terrace, known as List Ras, was born in the city of Oxford in southern England in 1975 to a family that describes itself as being on the left of the Labor Party, the main left-wing party in Britain, moving during her life between Scotland and northern England and did not receive a special education, as happened with the elite politicians in the United Kingdom. I went to a public school in the Yorkshire Ladies, and then entered Oxford University to study politics, philosophy and economics.
 At the time, she was a very active member of the Liberal Key Democrats, the party that has not always justified an opposition party to the Conservatives in many parts of England. Since that time, Terrace has been known for its contradictions and vicissitudes. During her membership in the Liberal Party. She supported the abolition of the monarchy and the legalization of cannabis in the country, while some said that she was trying to gain the approval of the public only, as many party members questioned her and believed her, and this appeared later if she resigned from the party to join the British Conservative Party, which she says she joined in the year 1996 to receive until she obtained membership Parliament in 2010. The contradiction did not stop at that point. In 2016, during the referendum on Britain's exit from the European Union, the Ultras supported staying with the Union and said that this was in Britain's economic interest and gave it a stronger impetus to focus on economic and social reforms at home.
But after the success of the referendum and the decision to leave Britain from the European Union, Terrace turned again and said that she supports the exit. Emphasizing that she discovered that her fears before the referendum were wrong, and that London's exit from the Union would be in her economic interest, as she led with Johnson's Post the exit process and had the greatest credit in the economic negotiations, as she was the Minister of International Trade. She achieved it strongly within members of the Conservative Party and described her views as libertarian, especially in the economy and trade. 
We make her reach many important positions, including Parliamentary Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Child Welfare and Education, Minister of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Minister of State for Justice and God’s Adviser, then First Secretary of the Treasury, Minister of State for International Trade and President of the Council Trading. Finally, he became the second female foreign minister in Britain. At the time, she was called the Iron Lady, the game of the terrace, since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, a prominent role in confronting Russia, as the British describe, as she contributed to imposing harsh sanctions on Moscow and even the Russian oligarch residing in Britain, which greatly increased her shares in the struggle for the position of prime minister, as she was described as the appropriate woman. 
To confront Putin at the moment. Especially since it made many promises to the British before its arrival, as it promised not to impose any new taxes and cancel the planned increase in the corporate tax, and also said that it would suspend what is known as the green tax, which is part of the energy bill paid to social and green projects and pledged to spend 2.5% of the GDP on defense until 2026. And then raise it 3% by 2030, those promises may not, in fact, be enough to meet the challenges facing Taras, as Tres will face the Tory leader and the new prime minister.

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