Which armies will reach Baghdad before, Iranian, Arab or American..scenarios await Iraq!

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 He announced his retirement from politics. All in my solution. If you die or are killed, I ask you Al-Fatihah and supplication. A sentence written by Muqtada al-Sadr on social media brought Iraq, within hours, to the brink of civil war.

I am innocent of you if you do not withdraw. Another sentence Al-Sadr addressed to his followers twenty-four hours after his first sentence. It appears that it is on its way to defuse the armed conflict. But it may be unable to spare Iraq dark scenarios. With the continued obstruction of the political horizon, these scenarios may reach the point of external interference. Whether by force of arms from Iran to support its militias, the Arabs may respond by sending forces that may be Egyptian. In order to avoid Arab mistakes in the past, Iran enabled Iraq to become unique in Iraq. Although the US position is still ambiguous and content with calm, Washington may also decide to return some of its forces to put the country under control. After successive chapters written by the political crisis within a few months. Put the country on the brink of civil strife. Arhasath began storming the Sadr supporters of the presidential palace. Even walking into the master's bedroom and swimming in his bathtub. And then events escalated to intensified clashes between supporters of the Sadrist movement on the one hand and the security forces and militias backed by Iran on the other. Which led to the killing and wounding of dozens, and the destruction of public and private property. Despite declaring a state of emergency and curfew in the country. Before the Popular Mobilization militias affiliated with Tehran entered the line with all their might by confronting the demonstrators with weapons, the wave of violence would grow even more. Sadr's supporters responded by bombing the crowd's headquarters and the Green Zone with missiles. International calls for prudence and extinguishing the fire of the crisis did not bear fruit. What is the reason for countries to close their borders and other students of their citizens to leave? With al-Sadr's knowledge that his attempt to calm down by declaring his hunger strike is not the real solution to stopping the cycle of violence that has begun to strike Iraq. Especially with the continuing political stalemate since the October elections. Al-Sadr finally came out to say that whatever happens, he will not come out of Iran's mantle. Where he threatened his supporters by saying that he would give them sixty minutes to withdraw, otherwise he would be innocent of them and would have another position. Sadr's followers immediately read everything between the lines of Sadr's speech. Where he confirmed his retirement from political work without return by order of the reference, i.e. Iran. Although Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi considered that Al-Sadr's call to stop the violence represents the highest levels of patriotism. However, his followers, who began withdrawing from the places of confrontation, know very well that Iran has won its coordinating framework over al-Sadr. What is happening in Iraq? What are the expected scenarios for this Arab country? At a time when some believed that the worst had passed in Iraq after Al-Sadr returned to calm his followers and try to defuse the civil war. However, analysts stressed that the current situation is ambiguous and still portends the worst. Especially with the clarity of Iranian interference more and more in favor of the coordination framework. With evidence on the ground, the most prominent of which is the retirement of the Shiite cleric of Iranian origin, Kazem Al-Haeri, in conjunction with Al-Sadr's announcement of his retirement from political work. Although Al-Ha'ir attributed his retirement from religious work as a reference to illness. However, the hands of Tehran emerged after he recommended that the authority of Ali Khamenei be followed in Iran. Al-Sadr also hinted that the matter was imposed by Iran after he said that the retirement of the Haeri reference was not of his own free will. Finally, al-Sadr himself returned to confirm indirectly that everything that is happening in Iraq is nothing more than orders from Khamenei. By confirming that he retired from political work on the orders of the religious authority. At a time when al-Sadr seemed to be on his way to extinguishing the fire of a war that he lit by himself, the political crisis is still open to several scenarios and possibilities that are at the forefront. Those are the most pessimistic, which is to establish Iran's control over Iraq by supporting the coordinating framework with quality weapons and fighting battalions from the Revolutionary Guards. Tehran makes the final prince in Baghdad after eliminating all its opponents. It seems that the Arab countries have noticed, according to analysts. They linked the call of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to the Iraqi Prime Minister with the presence of a near-consensus of Arab support for Iraq. Arab military, mostly Egyptian. In an attempt to miss the opportunity for a larger Iranian military intervention in Iraq. After Tehran succeeded in taking advantage of the Arab absence since the US invasion of Iraq in the year 2003 and the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. To consolidate its hegemony over Iraq through the formation of successive governments, and its influence in the entire corridors of the Iraqi state. Especially in the security services, civil and the judiciary. It also seems that the United States, which is content with monitoring until this moment, may turn the tables on everyone by returning some of its forces to Iraq. It does not remove any Iranian or even Arab threat to its influence inside the country. In the event of excluding the darkest of scenarios, with the outbreak of a civil war in which international forces intervene to support movements and parties affiliated with them, it seems that a dim light remains before the Iraqis at the end of the tunnel. Through internal settlements that begin with the court's retreat.

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