They only talk in billions" Monaco is the land of the super-rich

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The second smallest country in the world and one of the richest countries on the planet is surrounded by France and sea water from all sides. Nevertheless, Paris is obliged to protect it in its streets. There is no poverty or hunger. A third of its population are millionaires. Monaco is the capital of the super-rich. Those scenes are obscenely rich. It is natural to see it in Monaco. Here, no voice is louder than the voice of money. And if you have millions or billions of dollars, you will definitely be a Monaco resident. It is a country unlike any other. At the same time, it may not be a country, as it does not have an army or borders, and many of the world knows that it belongs to France. It is located in the French Riviera, in the southeast of the country. 

It is bordered by France on the three sides and the Mediterranean Sea on the fourth. The state of the wealthy today was founded in the year one thousand two hundred and fifteen. As a colony follow Genoa. In the year one thousand two hundred and ninety-seven, it was controlled by the Grimaldi family and remained under their control until the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine. As France entered it and tightened its grip on it, it became fully affiliated with it. 

Until I retreated from it in the year one thousand eight hundred and fourteen. Considering it as part of its territory. This did not prevent the Grimaldi family from seeking independence, which Monaco obtained in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one. But at the same time, it remained under French tutelage. This is what the ruling family wanted because the area of ​​the country is small. In order to establish their sovereignty over it, the family called for the first constitution of the state in the year one thousand nine hundred and eleven. Officially, the Principality of Monaco is governed by a constitutional monarchy. And the king must be of the Grimaldi family exclusively. It includes a national assembly consisting of a council and a judicial branch. The whole country is divided into four regions. The most famous and densely populated is the Monte Carlo region. And the fact that the Grimaldi are still ruling today in Minak, they became the oldest ruling house in the European continent today. Today, Monaco is ruled by King Albert II. The total area of ​​the country is estimated at two zero point two square kilometers. This is the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican. 

With a population of no more than forty thousand people. But how did Monaco become a country of the rich? And why a third of its population are wealthy? Monaco, despite its small size, has gained international fame for its wealth. This is ranked first by attracting tourists, as it receives two million tourists annually. That is why the emirate is resorting today to expand and build housing projects in the sea. To make up for the small land area. The reason is that it is a country for the wealthy because its indigenous people do not represent the majority. But from other nationalities. In fact, they are wealthy before their arrival in the state. The French represent in it a majority of twenty-eight or four percent of the population. They are followed by the indigenous people of Monaco at twenty-one point six percent, and then the Italians at eighteen point seven percent. They are followed by the British at seven point five percent, and with them are Belgians, Germans, Swiss and Americans. Monaco relies on French as the official language of the state. With the spread of the Italian and English languages ​​​​widely. The official religion of the state is Catholic Christianity, while preserving the freedom of other religions, as stipulated in the constitution. Where there are Jews estimated at three percent. And Muslims numbering two hundred and eighty people. Monaco never has an army. It is the responsibility of France to defend it. However, Monaco has police forces around the world. On the basis of the share of each individual and each region of the number of police forces, five hundred and fifteen police officers for about thirty-six thousand people. 

The emirate's police includes a special unit that patrols in special boats to monitor the beaches. In addition to a small military force based on the personal guard of the Prince and the palace of the ruling family in Monaco, it includes one hundred and sixteen officers from the local population who receive training by the French army. Every thirty-five people out of every hundred people in the UAE are described as millionaires. Despite this, the emirate does not impose any income tax on individuals or companies. And relies in its budget on the profit of gambling and tourism in the first degree. Which is very sufficient. Therefore, the emirate is famous for being a paradise and haven for the wealthy. The ideal position for tax evasion and money laundering. Its economic development began in the late nineteenth century. That was when the first railway line linking it with France was opened. Then the first gambling casino was opened in the Monte Carlo area. Its mild climate and natural landscapes attract tourists. The gambling facilities were mainly taken care of. For the rich and famous in particular. In recent years, the Monaco government has succeeded in distributing the sources of the economy with tourism. And that in several areas, especially real estate and financial services. 

The estimated price per square meter is forty-five thousand dollars. This is due to the lack of space and the scarcity of houses, but the government is working to exploit the sea area to build islands connected to the land. In order to attract more buyers. Monaco has also become an important banking center in Europe, as it has in its banks more than one hundred billion euros. And because there is no personal income tax in the emirate, it has succeeded in attracting many very wealthy people around the world. who seek to evade paying taxes in their country. The major global banks are also competing today.

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