The world is preparing to bid farewell to Taiwan

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China has set the date for war and annexation of the island, and America is developing a response plan


Almost everyone knows that Taiwan will become part of China. What no one knows is the timing. But the Chinese inevitably know it, and the Americans, along with their Taiwanese allies. And only now it became clear to everyone. According to what was reported by the American Maintenance Channel, the CIA revealed the date of Beijing's annexation and occupation of the island of Taiwan, according to the description of the Westerners. And the date chosen by the Chinese is the year two thousand and twenty-seven. It is a year that the Chinese are waiting for for several reasons. It will be the centenary of the founding of the People's Army of China. Which was launched at the hands of the Communists in the year one thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven. And it fought the Chinese civil war and wars of liberation against the Japanese. So it would be appropriate for them to celebrate their general army two thousand and twenty-seven and Taiwan has returned to their control as they see it. According to the US report, Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency David said that Chinese President Xi Jinping told his army that he wants China to have the ability to control Taiwan by force by the year 2727. However, according to the same source, the Chinese president wants to give non-military solutions a chance to end the Taiwan file by peaceful means. These peaceful or non-military methods start with the self-styled war it wages on the neighboring island, as happened in the huge military maneuvers it conducted off the coast of Taiwan following Nancy Pelosi's visit to the island. As well as displaying the advanced military power that China has reached in front of the Taiwanese to terrorize them and strike fear into their hearts. And this is not alone. Another non-military tactic used by Beijing is economic pressure on Taiwan. Despite the apparent hostility. However, China is Taiwan's largest trading partner. Forty-two percent are imported from it and from its manufacture. While the United States is an ally of the island. And what you import from them does not exceed fifteen percent. These proportions enable Beijing to turn the neck of the island if it wants. Another Chinese practice is the siege of the island and the prevention of international recognition of it. So far, most countries in the world, including the United States, do not recognize Taiwan as an independent country and do not conduct diplomacy with the island. This would put more pressure on Taipei. Which so far has given her the opportunity to return voluntarily to her bosom, before the Chinese are forced to settle the matter militarily. This is what they try to avoid as much as possible. But if these solutions do not work, the last cautery medicine is according to Chinese medicine. That is, the option of force is on the table. But the policy of what is known as strategic patience is what I have delayed so far. This patience has limits, say the Chinese, who waited and are waiting for several factors to combine to declare war. On top of that, China has reached a point of balance of power with the United States. That is, he will be able to confront America in the event that it decides to defend Taiwan against any Chinese move. As well as to complete the stage of building and development of the Chinese armed forces. Beijing, which occupies the third rank in the world in terms of strength, to reach the first rank by developing its army to become the highest, most skilled and most armed in the world. And Pekino here raced time for that. Where it bypassed the stage of conventional armies. It seeks to build an army capable of fighting even in space. This is not an exaggeration. It is a Chinese strategic plan. As Beijing realizes that the coming wars in the future will not depend heavily on conventional weapons. Rather, it will go beyond it. It may even exceed destructive nuclear weapons. Knowing that Beijing is working to develop its nuclear arsenal more. But besides that, it is working on the production of new technology that enables it to penetrate space and wage wars that conventional weapons do not work to repel. This is a point that Beijing had announced about the year two thousand and thirty-five. But according to US intelligence reports, China may reach the year two thousand and twenty-seven. That is, eight years ahead of schedule in Beijing. It is, as we mentioned earlier, the year that witnesses the centenary of the founding of the Chinese Liberation Army. But this is not the only thing that delays Beijing and makes it wait until the year twenty-seven to annex the small island next to it. China is also waiting for the end of the Russia-Ukraine war. They are the biggest beneficiaries. It is closely watching what happened and is happening and the reaction of the Westerners, along with the Americans. It also awaits how the war will end and how things will turn out. Although Moscow may win the war on paper. However, it suffered from the length of the war. And paid many losses of its fighters, weapons and even its economy as a result of Western sanctions. And Beijing wants to avoid all of that. Especially since Taiwan on paper is also more difficult than Ukraine. It is a closer ally of the United States than Kyiv. The land border between Russia and Ukraine facilitated the fighters' crossing. While a sea separates China from Taiwan. This means that a quick war requires the passage of Chinese forces towards the island, which has prepared itself well.

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