The world is on a hot plate waiting for a hot winter

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 The world is on a hot plate and the game of thrones rages..waiting for a hot winter

For almost the first time, it happens that everyone is waiting for one season, some with hope and others with grief in their hearts. While countries are on the edge of drought, others are on the edge of a drought of another kind, a drought of energy that may ease the cold of winter itself, the winter that others are waiting for to revive their land and between Hunger for water and hungry for energy. He is the one who is hungry for freedom. 
In Ukraine, for example, they are counting on the winter to end the campaign of the Russians against their country. In Taiwan, the cold winter has passed, the Chinese fire against them, so it is safety, fears, hopes and dangers, waiting for the next winter. In the famous “Game of Thrones” series, or Jay Maftar Onnes, the idea of ​​​​working on a conflict between several kingdoms was preoccupied with fighting each other, while the greatest danger to them was hiding behind the winter and waiting for the advent of this. A quick review of what happened and is happening in the world recently. A Russian war on Ukraine as a victorious event rivaled by another, no less hot, event is taking place between China and Taiwan, the island that China sees as an offer and part of it is a conflict in which the United States of America is stuck just as it is between the Russian and the Ukrainian, and between these two conflicts that top the news are other conflicts that may not Find a place in the flyers. 
Where India, which struggles with sectarian events, comes to the fore all the time about the persecution of the Muslim minority. There is an internal conflict that feeds another external one for the Indians with their Pakistani neighbors, which is that if any of this conflict develops, it may turn into a nuclear war that will not remain or evaporate, and not far from them another conflict next to Russia and among the sons of Russia. What is meant by Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan is that they are fighting each other, had it not been for Russia's intervention and the war, and not far from them is a celebration of another conflict that turned into a war and almost developed between Armenia and its neighbor Azerbaijan, and this region is also close to another and chronic conflict between the Iranians and their Arab neighbors, as Tehran expands through Iraq and Syria all the way to Lebanon and even Yemen. In search of influence and an Arab effort to curb it in exchange for another conflict that may not end between Israel and those whose land it occupied in Palestine, next to it, a war that may erupt over the waters between the countries downstream of the Nile River, and talking here about Egypt and Sudan in the face of the state upstream Ethiopia, and in the same continent known as Samra In the north of the conflict between the brothers in Algeria and Morocco.
 And to the south of the Sahara, a war in which the players changed in Mali, where the French left and the Russians replaced them. If we cross the Atlantic towards the Latin continent, there is a new wave of left-wing parties to the front, with the United States seeking to impose a balance and its previous attempt to intervene in Venezuela, which was divided against itself. Returning to the European continent in its midst, where the Balkans are a volcano whose fuel is boiling from the Serbs seeking to re-establish the war of the nineties by trying to destabilize the countries living in Bosnia and Kosovo, as everywhere there are embers boiling under the ashes of what is known as politics and its fuel, the economy, which began to suffer greatly after the Corona crisis and the Russians’ war on Europeans . 
The old continent is on a date with a very cold winter due to the fuel shortage crisis. In contrast, three countries in Africa are threatened by a dry winter, and they may not find what to eat and drink. They are Kenya and Ethiopia, with them Somalia, which announced early on that a famine had occurred in them. While we hear the news of drought and famine, news comes out of floods and hundreds of deaths in Pakistan as a result of drowning. 
While there are those in this world who fear the cold, others fear rising temperatures, and there are also those who seek peace, others beat the drums of war, struggles with nature at times, and between the great power at other times may differ over the winner in it, and it remains constant that everyone loses in the famous series. Game of Thrones Winter comes to kill everyone. He puts an end to the struggles of the old world in the hope that a new one will begin.

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