The last moments before the death of Queen Elizabeth

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Very special stations from Elizabeth's iron life

Soon, the death of Queen Elizabeth will be announced, at the age of 96, Confusion in the United Kingdom. Today, the speeches are glorified by the death of the one who became the queen of records, not only because she disrupted the throne for more than 70 years to become the owner of the longest royal period, but because she broke dozens of records in many things, and now after the announcement of the death of the Queen, Prime Minister Las Dras came out to declare allegiance to the king. Charles and finally al-Hakam to his son, Prince. Who has also reached a very old age to become Queen of England, succeeding his mother, the strong lady, in light of the fears for all the British royal establishment due to rumors about the weakness of King Charles' personality and his ignorance in the corridors of the work of the palace, but waiting for what Charles will do, he must stand a little on his mother's grave to review some of her biography Steel Queen Lilith. 
On April 21, 1926, at her maternal grandfather's house in London, Princess Elisabeth Alexandra Mary was born. Her father was still Prince Albert, Duke of York, before he later became King George VI, and her mother, the Queen Mother, slumbered Bowes-Lyon in her childhood, a beautiful, very gentle girl, and they called her nights. If she never entered school, but her education at home was divorced, and when her uncle reached 21, Princess Elizabeth married her childhood sweetheart, Prince of Greece and Denmark, Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Ndber, in 1947, and according to some sources, the Queen declared her love for him when she was 13 years old and the following year resulting from their marriage. The birth of an heir to the foam of Prince Charles Elizabeth was not expected to become queen as she was the third candidate for the throne after her uncle, the owners of Wales, and her father. And because her uncle preferred to marry a divorced woman in rebellion against royal traditions, her father became the king instead of his brother Prince Edward. By 6/2/1952, her father, King George, died. Elizabeth becomes Queen of Britain, mother of Prince Charles, heir to the throne, and grandmother of Princes William and Harry. A 25-year-old queen was crowned in the Church of Wassem Nester on June 2, 1953, and this was the first time that the public was able to witness this sacred event, as Elizabeth allowed television cameras to broadcast the ceremony, which confirmed towards the new queen at the time to open a new and open era. 
Queen Elizabeth said then. I declare before all of you that my life, whether long or short, will be devoted to your service and to our great royal family to which we all belong, and his tenure to the throne is the longest in the history of Great Britain. Although she tried to make her reign more modern and flexible, she kept the traditions associated with the throne, and Elizabeth became the queen of records. After the period of her accession to the British throne reached more than 70 years, she ruled from February 1952 until her death on 8-09-2022 AD, breaking the previous record in the United Kingdom, and it was the share of her great-grandmother Queen Victoria, whose reign exceeded 63 years. years of rule. Except for the French King Louis XIV, who ruled me for more than 72 years, and the Queen's numbers include seven records that she became the queen of more than a hundred countries and traveled the world an average of 42 times before she stopped traveling abroad and lived with 15 prime ministers of her country from Winston Churchill to Al-Astras . 
Statistics indicate that Queen Elizabeth II. During her reign, she received a number of eminent personalities around the world, reaching 112 people, and she falls under the rule of 15 countries around the world, including Canada and Australia. Elizabeth is also the first British monarch to visit China in 1996 and the first British monarch to address the US House of Representatives on May 16, 1991.
 She witnessed many problems in her private life, including the divorce of three of her four children, if the divorce was Charles, who became the most famous king today, and then the accident that led to Princess Diana's life paradox occurred. And in 2021, at the age of 99, Prince Philip, the Duke, died, and senior members of the royal family attended the funeral, which was reduced in size due to the Corona virus. Elizabeth also made about 21,000 official orchestration and gave royal assent to about 4,000 bills, and under her supervision over a hundred and eighty receptions were held in the palace.

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