The Great Naval Battle of the Next Taiwan War

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 The major naval battle in the upcoming Taiwan war..Who will win, America or China!

Heavy losses will be incurred by America. This is what American and Western analyzes and studies have concluded that produce a pessimistic scenario for America that extends to the whole world. About an unprecedented naval confrontation between Taiwan and its successor America with China. In a war that will not be a foregone conclusion to any side. 
Even if it is used or not. Nuclear weapons in the industry. The prophecies and analyzes of American and European research centers did not stop laying out a scenario for a war based on them. Naval battles and that they are inevitably coming, but the matter came to determine the date of this war before the year two thousand and twenty-six. 
With an imaginary conception of the war, which will last for four weeks and is based on twenty-two rounds. It begins in China's interest when its missiles can sink American ships while destroying hundreds of American, Japanese and Taiwanese planes. Association on US aircraft carriers. Before the battleships and fighters of America and Japan responded with a counterattack that would cost China heavy losses, but without ending the war in favor of anyone. What is the closest scenario? For the largest naval battle that history will know. Tensions fueled by the visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Where Steven News made several videos to talk about. To watch it all, subscribe to the channel and activate the bell button. 
The Great Naval Battle. It appears that the analysis conducted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Bush in Washington. It has become one of the most popular studies and research analyzes. After he outlined exactly America's misfortunes during what he called the worst-case scenario. During the next naval war near Taiwan. With the United States expected to lose nine hundred air fighters and ground attack aircraft. That is equivalent to half of the combat aircraft of the US Air Force and Navy. And all in just one month. The outbreak of open war. According to the report published by the British newspaper, Pentagon and US Navy officials expect an unprecedented naval battle. It will erupt between the United States and its allies on one side and China on the other side over Taiwan. The joint US and Japanese naval and air forces will have to defeat about 150 amphibious and surface ships. 
Which does not seem that it will facilitate for America to win the naval battle. Which could costly delay China's efforts to annex Taiwan to the mainland. Beijing, which pledged to control Taiwan before the year two fiftieth year, will not stop. US reports also quoted experts at the Center for Strategic and International Studies as confirming that the Chinese attack on the island would lead to heavy losses for both sides. According to and according to an imaginary concept developed by the experts of the Studies Center. The war will break out at the latest in the year two thousand and twenty-six. It will consist of twenty-two rounds, beginning with the Chinese army's missiles, which will be able to sink a large group of ships of the United States and Japan and destroy hundreds of aircraft, up to nine hundred fighters within a month. However, the same scenario spoke of counterattacks by the US Air and Navy forces and allied forces. What will enable these forces to destroy the fleet of Chinese ships. Whether amphibious or surface ships. During the sinking of about one hundred and fifty ships to Beijing. The prophecies based on analyzes and academic studies did not fail to explain the reason for the great American losses, which is that Washington's forces will not be able to launch an organized campaign to overthrow the Chinese defenses. After you approach it to a certain distance, it will cost you a high bill. 
The scenario of the war developed by the American Studies Center and published by the British newspaper. Go military exercises conducted by China recently included a lot of Chinese capabilities that confirm Beijing's ability to battle Washington. However, this scenario came like prophecies and other scenarios to unite and talk about the ability of the United States, Japan and Taiwan to prevent the Chinese forces from finally occupying the entire island. But that comes at a huge cost that requires America many years to rebuild its forces. What may make Washington live moments of weakness exploited by Russia, which will help China to control Taiwan before the year two thousand and fifty. 
China is gearing up. It seems that the scenarios developed by US think tanks are no longer far away, especially with Taiwan rejecting the one country, two systems model. proposed by China in a white paper it recently published. He details how Beijing plans to regain control of Taipei. With an offer to Taiwan, it will give it wide administrative and economic advantages and rights. While Beijing reserves the right to respond to any provocations and use force if peaceful reunification with Taiwan fails. However, the timing of this document is after Pelosi's visit and later from the US Congress to Taiwan. 
The escalation that followed included the largest Chinese maneuvers in its history. Chinese warships and fighters launched missiles in the airspace of Taiwan and the Chinese army's incursion into the sea and airspace of Taiwan. This made any thinking about the possibility of Taiwan's approval of the document a fantasy in light of the US pledge to protect Taiwan and push the tensions between the two sides to their highest level in years.

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