The British Royal Crown is in danger

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The royal crown is in danger.. the queen is gone and the countries of Great Britain are fleeing, what will happen?!


Charles III not only inherited the crown and throne from Queen Elizabeth, but also inherited the rule of 15 countries, and with them dozens of countries that owe allegiance to the royal crown. Today, other countries will follow suit. The Queen has left and may change with her departure. Many countries in the Caribbean announced a while ago their intention to abandon the British ruler. The effects of black colonialism are still chasing the royal family to this day, as it is the family that has transformed from being an imperial ruler to an informal ruler of dozens of countries, or more precisely a fictitious ruler only. 
Today it may be written for her eternal end to remain in a chair in London govern Britain alone What does the family rule and what is the story of the states of the royal crown and the potential bond and heir of the British crown? Does he rule the world? Queen Elizabeth II departed after 70 years of rule, putting her at the forefront of those who ruled Britain in terms of time, leaving behind a lot of legacy to her son Charles III, who will have to follow up and preserve what she left as much as possible. Elizabeth II did not rule Britain alone, but ruled with her 14 countries and many other countries that enjoy a special relationship with the royal crown. 
Within what is known as the latent and third bond, Britain alone is made up of four territories or more like states, namely England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which ultimately make up what is known as the United Kingdom. One of them is parliament and government. Even at the level of sports, each territory competes under its own name and not under the name of the United Kingdom with those countries. There are dozens of countries ruled by the Crown, all thanks to the old colonialism of Britain, which spread throughout the world. With the start of the liberation movements, the British Empire was forced to reach a formula for an agreement that would preserve its strength in the world. With the United Kingdom, King Charles III installed King Charles III as king of 14 countries belonging to the British Crown in addition to the states of the League of Al-Kamen and Al-Kamen. 
The Walth was established to maintain relations between the countries that were previously under British colonialism and were, of course, part of the British Empire. The story of Al-Kamin and Alef began in the fall of 1926. In a meeting that included the prime ministers of Britain and its affiliated countries in London, during which it was agreed on several points that preserve the rights of states and the royal crown, including that all countries enjoy freedom and that they are not subject in any way to any other country, with regard to both internal and external affairs, but it certainly remains United in allegiance to the royal crown. The final version of the underlying document was signed under the name of Westminster Act in 1931, after it recognized the sovereignty of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, India and being under British colonialism. Previously, it entered, of course, in the Commonwealth countries, but it formed a special case, as it gained independence in 1947, and two years later decided to turn into a republic, which had to withdraw from the League and thus lose the royal crown to a new country again. New in the same year and it was agreed that India could continue its membership in the association in the event that a tribe represented the British Crown. The symbol of the free union of the members of the potential and the inheritance, which is what happened at the time and in Canada in celebration of the representation of the queen or king of the state, and it is a symbol of loyalty, unity and authority for all Canadians, according to the official website of the British monarchy. Legislators, ministers, members of the military and police swear allegiance to the ascendant, as do all new Canadian citizens. Although democratic elections are organized, laws and appointments are issued by the royal crown, and the League of Al Kamen and Warth is specialized in examining forms of cooperation between the countries of the Union without any overlapping of powers as the members do not have any legal or official obligation to each other. 
The aspects of cooperation revolve around commercial agreements and mutual concessions between them. They dealt with common goals of prosperity, democracy and peace, and the latent position and art tell all members an equal opinion regardless of size or wealth. The Kamen and Valium Association includes 56 countries, 20 of which are in the African continent, 13 Caribbean countries, three countries in the European continent, eight in the Asian continent, in addition to 11 countries from the Pacific islands, including 15 countries belonging to the British Royal Crown, in which the King of Britain is represented as head.

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