Soon .. Thieves invade the streets of Europe and the population is fleeing!

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 Soon .. Thieves invade the streets of Europe and the population is fleeing! One solution before falling cold?!

O inhabitants of Europe, prepare woolen socks, blankets, thick clothes, and brooms of oil dust for heating devices, which will not be called from the heat of the warmth but its name. Prepare to take a shower with cold water. Hell's Winter is on its way to you in a way you haven't seen since the Middle Ages. To know the frozen scenarios that await Europe and the only solution that remains for the old continent, watch this video produced by Step News. You can also subscribe to the channel and activate the bell button to see all the works that the channel has produced and will produce. The end of abundance and the beginning of want. The Europeans now know that the alternatives to avoid the worst-case scenario are very scarce. Among them is what the inhabitants of the old continent never thought of. It is the abandonment of their homes and the transformation of refugees. After their country was a destination for those fleeing their homeland. The worst thing, perhaps, is that among the supposed asylum countries is Russia, after a Russian announcement calling on the Europeans to go to Moscow at the beginning of winter, where warmth, affluence and beautiful faces are awaiting the announcement. Death by cold is not the only thing Europeans fear today. It is no longer warnings and intimidation from media reports. But the statements of the leaders and leaders of Europe. The last of them is French President Emmanuel Macron. Which took advantage of the government meeting in Paris to warn the French and all Europeans of the major transformation. With the end of what he called abundance and affluence. Big series of crises. Starting with the war of Russia and Ukraine and the resulting energy and food crises, inflation and rising prices. Down to the rare drought that began to hit Europe. These bleak scenarios are preparing the Europeans for a difficult winter. During which Russian gas imports will be at rock bottom. This means that the inhabitants of the old continent have to learn from the experience of their peers in Latvia. Who have been accustomed since July to live without Russian gas. After Moscow stopped pumping to the former Soviet Republic. With the difference that no one in Europe has experienced winter without Russian gas. But the signs and consequences are no longer missed by the eye. On top of the thieves' invasion of the streets of Europe in the middle of the day. On one of the streets of London, the cameras documented the smashing of the car window by a motorcyclist, a wealthy Arab with a hammer, in order to steal his platinum watch from the Rolex Daytona brand. On another street, the moment a woman was assaulted with her husband in central London in order to steal a valuable watch was documented. Nor did thieves hesitate to rob a McDonald's restaurant. It went beyond Britain to become common sights of public robberies and armed robberies in broad daylight and on crowded streets. Paris witnessed several robberies that affected pedestrians, shops and even airports. In Germany, an unknown person robbed a museum before stealing priceless jewels. All this, according to European media reports, stems from the deteriorating economic conditions, in light of the European governments' inability to find solutions. Light in the tunnel. Far from what might be seen as a media intimidation. A cold black fate gem for Europeans. It seems that the old continent has identified the only alternative to avoid falling in the cold. Because it is a saying we need it strongly. Berlino began offering alternatives after the German Chancellor announced the start of steps to establish a pipeline to transport gas between Spain, Portugal and Central Europe and pass through France. There is an agreement to finance it. However, the talk came back strongly about the importance of this line. On the grounds that Spain and Portugal do not import Russian gas at all. Because the gas network in the Iberian Peninsula is completely isolated from the European gas network. According to European statements, the process of rehabilitating the line will take nine months. Still, the fact remains that the Media Cat gas line may improve gas supply. After achieving the process of linking part of the Spanish gas network to the rest of Europe. However, he will not compensate Europe for Russian gas. Especially since the total gas consumed by Spain and Portugal annually amounts to about forty billion cubic meters. While Germany alone consumes more than eighty-five billion cubic meters annually. Algeria, Russia's ally, provides about fifty percent of Spain and Portugal's gas needs. Which it exports through a network of pipelines across the Mediterranean. What indicates that at a time when logistical and geographic challenges arise, extending the pipeline will not replace Algeria's gas coming to Europe from parts from Russia. It can also be added that the fingers of Moscow, an ally of Algeria, will remain active even in the Media Cat line. After Moscow has already begun to use the gas weapon blatantly. Where it completely stopped pumping gas to Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Poland.

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