Russia's secret money.. this is how Putin moves to occupy the world

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An intelligence investigation prepared by the United States of America, which was recently revealed, shows how Russia used the funds to penetrate and influence dozens of countries. This report summarizes the story of Russia's secret funds around the world.


Russia does not just wage war, but enters countries without anyone knowing about it. Putin did not knock on Ukraine's doors in a hurry, and he has many tricks other than the use of tanks and missiles. Dozens of countries knocked on Vladimir's doors with money to gain influence and power in them away from the eyes of the world, and the result was strength, breadth, and control in the hands of one man.
 Ukraine's war can be said that it has become revealing. The hadith that revolves after it is not the same as the one that revolves before it. Millions of dollars have been sent by Moscow to more than twenty-four countries. The goal is to influence those countries and bring their men to power. An American report reveals what is hidden after Moscow's war on Kyiv and re-talks about it. Russia's secret money. 
In the year two thousand and sixteen, after heated elections in the United States of America. Donald Trump reached the presidency, beating the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, who was referring to all my expectations that she would reach the presidency easily in front of a candidate who did not enter the world of politics strongly. But Trump really did it and ousted Clinton to get to the presidency. This is not only a surprise, but a bigger event that shook the White House. Intelligence investigations exposed the hidden. Russia interfered in the elections to deliver Trump to the White House. The main goal was to topple Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. An assessment by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in January 1717 said that the Russian leadership favored presidential candidate Donald Trump over his counterpart Hillary Clinton. 
Vladimir Putin personally ordered a campaign to damage Clinton's electoral chances. Weakening public opinion in the American democratic process. Another report said that the Russian military intelligence had hacked the servers of the US Democratic Committee and the personal email account of Clinton campaign manager John Badesta and transferred its contents to WikiLeaks. Although the Russians denied any penetration or leaks and stood behind them, the evidence in Washington was clear that Russian operations carried out that penetration. And that the objectives were completely clear to the intelligence during the investigation. That hack case passed and Donald Trump remained president of the United States. The new presidential elections came in the year two thousand and twenty. And then Russia tried again. In February of the year two thousand and twenty, the Washington Post reported that Russia was interfering in the Democratic primary elections in an attempt to support the nomination of Senator Bernie Sanders, quoting anonymous US officials, whom the newspaper did not name. As a result, Sundris issued a statement in which he said frankly, I don't care who Putin wants to be president. My message to Putin is clear. Stay out of the US elections. And as a chief, I'll make sure you're out of all of this. Sanders admitted he told campaign officials about the alleged Russian efforts a month before the Washington Post report. He also noted that the Russians are impersonating some people and claiming to be his supporters on the Internet. In order to create an atmosphere of toxicity and insult to the reputation of his competitors. 
After that, the American efforts continued to prevent any Russian interference in the elections. Until Joe Biden succeeded in the presidency and reached the White House safely. But what happened in the United States failed could easily happen in other countries. Russia's money can rule countries and its plans with influence can change the views and rulers. In February of the year two thousand and twenty-two, Vladimir Putin launched war on Ukraine, or it was a special operation of his forces in neighboring Ukraine to extract Nazism from it. A war opened fire between the western and eastern camp. And ignited the dispute between Moscow and Washington. Where the United States and all its allies stood on the side of Ukraine to confront Russia. What made the latter get angry at them to fight them in the gas and cause them an energy crisis that they were never accustomed to. War, conflict and challenge with Moscow prompted Washington and its allies to open many, many files. In an attempt to confuse Russia in its war and even hit the Russian interior through some reports. Finally, Washington even resorted to the very secret of some of these reports. To reveal Moscow's actions around the world, as the latest secret reports revealed by Washington revealed millions of dollars spent by Russia, as US intelligence accused Russia of sending at least 300 million dollars secretly to political parties and foreign candidates. And that in more than twenty-four countries since the year fourteen to gain influence in them, according to what was stated in an intelligence report that was declassified a few days ago.
 A senior US official said the United States considers the amount mentioned to be only a small estimate. He stressed that Russia probably secretly transferred more funds that were not allocated. However, it did not specify by name the countries concerned and to which the money reached. Among the cases mentioned in the report, which was revealed by the secrecy, is that a Russian ambassador in one of the Asian countries, whose name was not mentioned, paid millions of dollars to a presidential candidate. The US official said that the US State Department will share these conclusions with the governments of more than 100 countries around the world. This assessment did not analyze Russian interference in US politics.

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