Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's favorite spy

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 Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's favorite spy, deceived the Americans and founded the German intelligence service Learn his story

Spying on the Soviet Union for Germany. Then he deceived the US intelligence and worked with them and used their resources. He helped get three hundred and fifty Germans out of prisons. And the flight of more than five thousand Germans from Europe. He was an invaluable spy. And Hitler's favorite spy. Ryan Hart is an ignorant intelligence maker. Darren Hart Jhland is born to a family of loyal Prussian soldiers of Baltic descent. And that on the third of March in the year one thousand nine hundred and two. Most of the men in his family were officers in the German army. Ignorance followed a similar path to them. As soon as he passed the tests, he joined the Rai Khuyir, which is known for the strength of the Reich's defense during the era of the Weimar Republic, which preceded the rise of Hitler. To join the German army in the year one thousand nine hundred and twenty. That is, eighteen years old. In his thirties, he entered the Staff College. Among his colleagues, he had a calm personality and a sharp wit with regard to facts, figures and organization. To be promoted to the rank of captain. He got a job in the Army's General Staff. In the year one thousand nine hundred and forty, he was promoted to the rank of major to become the liaison officer with the Commander in Chief of the Army, Marshal Walter von Abraud Schets. So that the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-one came and he joined the retinue of the chief of staff of the army with the rank of colonel. He works on himself and is developing his skills in field work and espionage. In recognition of his superior talents and great energy, he was promoted to the rank of Senior Intelligence Officer. And by the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-two, he was promoted to become the head of the eastern section of the foreign armies, an intelligence organization whose mission was to penetrate Russian lines during Germany's control of Europe. As a staunch anti-communist, he enthusiastically engaged in his ignorance. He produced a number of critical reports that resulted in the expulsion of Soviet spies from Germany. He later became Hitler's favorite spy. But at an early age, Jahl began to think about the possibility of his country's defeat, with the upheaval of the Second World War. To send many reports to the high command in Germany. Reports angered Hitler, describing Jhel's results as defeatist. By the year 1944 many of Hitler's top generals had realized that the war had been lost. And it is better for them to take the necessary measures to ensure their safety. Reinhard deal and deceive America. When the Russian and American armies were approaching Berlin, specifically in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-five. Many high-ranking German military officers decided it was time to cut their losses and make their own deals with the Allies. He was ignorant to present the treasure he owned, the vast collection of intelligence files on Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union in particular. that he secretly hid in the Bavarian Alps. Buried in steel drums and estimated at fifty-two barrels. It contains the results of six years of intelligence work. Because of his cleverness. He knew that once the war was over, the United States would turn its attention to Russia in particular. At the time, she was ignorant of a position to trade his freedom with the allies. To surrender himself to the counterintelligence forces of the US Army in Bavaria on the twenty-second of May one thousand nine hundred and forty-five. Thus, Jahlin began interviewing senior US intelligence officers. Ran Hard negotiated a deal to protect him from prosecution for war crimes committed by Germany. In return for collecting intelligence information for America on the Soviets, his constant enemy since the beginning of his work. The deal includes his freedom and the freedom of a number of his senior military colleagues. On the twentieth of September, one thousand nine hundred and forty-five, Jhel and three of his trusted lieutenants were transferred from Germany to Washington. They are placed under house arrest. Once he arrived, he was transferred to Fort Hunt, Virginia. For ten months, the newly established US-German intelligence network began spinning live threads about Ryan Hard's personal and professional life. He told them that he was not a slanderer of Hitler, but that he wanted to re-establish his intelligence network on behalf of the United States. To accept his offer, Jahln would turn his great resources against the Soviet Union under an agreement named after Jahl and the United States. A secret German intelligence organization was set up to spy on the Soviet Union. It will not be under the control of the United States will act independently. Nevertheless, the United States will finance it until the establishment of a new independent German state. In July, one thousand nine hundred and forty-six, he was released from house arrest. He left with three hundred and fifty former German intelligence agents of his choice for Munich to set up a shell company called the Industrial Development Organization in southern Germany to run his own spy unit.

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