Putin does not like his army commander

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 Putin does not like his army commander... a long war, great losses and other reasons behind it

He is the West's only hope for relief from Putin and the Russians' scapegoat. A silent war is going on between him and the president, and this is the story of a video clip that recently spread and was shared by many analysts and politicians, especially Western ones, unease appeared on the part of Russian President Vladimir Putin when he met with Army Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov during the President's visit. Of the large-scale maneuvers and exercises that Russia is conducting with other countries in the Far East, the Zvezda Military News Service showed a clip of Putin and Gerasimov entering an observation post and sitting, keeping a large distance between them and observing an uneasy silence while waiting for the arrival of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. In the clip, Putin appeared holding binoculars. 
To zoom in and look through it, Gerasimov ran his fingers through his hair, then arranged papers. And at one point or so, I nodded his head quickly in sign of his agreement to suspend water from Gerasimov. The scene opened many people for analysis between politicians and soldiers, including the former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt, who commented on Twitter saying that Putin did not even want to speak with the commander of the Russian armed forces, and this opened the appetite even more for analysis. Another video emerged of the Russian president exchanging laughter and joking with his defense minister while the chief of staff was talking on the phone. He is the chief of staff, who has largely hidden from view since the beginning of the war on Ukraine. Several pictures and factors indicated that something is going on in the background of the relationship between the president and the army commander, and this thing may be a silent war according to several analyzes. The Russian president, since the beginning of the war, showed great discomfort, especially with The start of operations precisely from the performance of his soldiers, where the war appeared. The Russian forces came as if Russia was not the one who declared this war, as if it had not been planned to confuse gossip. 
Putin held his responsibility to the Chief of Staff, but without taking any measures against him, and not taking these measures for several reasons, foremost of which is the morale of the Russian army and its soldiers in the war, and on the battle fronts. The mere dismissal of the army chief means that this army failed in the war. And this is the last thing Putin wants to show to the world, as many are waiting for gloating about the president who leads the second most powerful military force on earth, and on top of these gloating Ukraine, Europe and the United States of course, other than schadenfreude and destroying the morale of the army. There are other reasons why Putin did not overthrow the chief of staff, including the image of Putin himself In Russia, the president is everything. Almost and the overthrow of the army chief means that the president either bears responsibility for the failure of someone else or that the president does not control everything. In both cases, Putin is the loser, so Valery Gerasimov remained at the head of the Russian army, but this is on Putin's side, so what is in the heart of the chief of staff? Gerasimov surely knows what is in his boss's heart and his hostility, or at least some discomfort, and he is very much afraid of a harsh reaction from his boss. And the army commander may live more difficult days with the length of the Ukrainian war, knowing inside that at some point he may turn into a scapegoat for what happened, even if this moment has not come yet, and this is according to the reasons mentioned previously. 
Certainly, Gerasimov thought of several solutions to the predicament in which he found himself, so that the question becomes whether the solution lies in the dreams of the West and the dreams of the West. This is what the Western press has long circulated about a coup within the Kremlin that would overthrow the current Russian tsar. This was accompanied by several news that dealt with Putin's health and his continuity in ruling the country, not all fingers pointing to the Chief of Staff of Putin's differences, and this is certainly a matter. Putin had heard of him if he was following the Western press, but for the same reasons that were mentioned before, the Russian president will not take any step, at least for the time being, against his army chief of staff. On the part of the army chief, it is not ambitions as much as it is a brunch before it becomes dinner in the Kremlin. But it is very difficult for this scenario to become a reality unless the developments of the Ukrainian war justify what any party did, and what is meant is the president and the army commander, and perhaps the most famous scenario in history is the famous failed attempt that was during the Second World War that targeted Hitler and he had implemented it.
 Officers in the Nazi army that bore the name Valkyrie. And Flickr, this is what the West dreams of being repeated in Moscow in the hope of salvation from the new Russian tsar, who brought back the specter of war to the old continent and the world, so that the matter remains contingent, as previously mentioned, on conditions and developments that are open to all possibilities. Westerners' dreams may not be realized, and what may happen to end Putin's obsessions, but the matter depends on the future and this is what no one knows.

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