Putin and Chinese President at a summit that the West will regret

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 Putin and the President of China are at a summit that the West will greatly regret because it did not prevent it.. Ukraine and Taiwan are in one basket!


I'm coming here, I'll meet my friend Che. Ukraine and Taiwan are in one basket. That's how Russian President Vladimir Putin said before his plane landed in Uzbekistan. The Russian president and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping are not focused on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit meeting in Samarkand, as much as they wait The moment they open their arms to each other. And in the language of intertwined palms between the two allies, they say, “Support me to help you, the oppressors. 
We were oppressed. If we were not, there is no way for the US and Europe to oppress us. The Chinese President Che has no choice but to see Russian President Putin as a man of peace upon whom America and the West imposed a war in Ukraine after a lengthy provocation, because surely because He will not lose safety whenever he sees Putin as a reliable ally. He advocated for China after the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. When the armies massed on the border between China and Taiwan, Putin said his speech that he supports China with what he called its defense of its territorial integrity and response to the American provocation and continuing until the control of Taiwan.
 And for the two men to prove that their alliance turned to block the western front as soon as Xi left his country for the first time after more than two years of isolation on trips. To Central Asia, starting with Kazakhstan and ending with Uzbekistan, to attend the Chang’e summit, so that meeting Putin was at the top of his priorities, so that in the West they look at two scenes that are reverent, even if they do not like him, in which the arms of the most powerful Chinese leader after Zedong and Zedong are intertwined, and the most powerful Russian leaders since Joseph Stalin and Nikita Khrushchev. While the eyes of the West are focused on a new consolidation of the Bear-Dragon Alliance, President Xi wants to show from his first foreign tour since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic his confidence that he is holding power in China as his third term approaches, and that he is able to confront the great power as long as he relies on your allies Putin, who in turn He wants to prove to the Russian interior that he is the strongman. Who did not lose his resolve, as he wanted to restore some momentum to his war, which lasted until it seemed as if his army was retreating in front of the Ukrainian strikes supported by America and Europe. 
Between this and that, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will not be absent from the scene, as he establishes a habit that he seems to have become addicted to with Putin, so that they meet whenever his backpackers land somewhere to discuss the grain agreement, and all the crises that come from the Ukraine war. In light of global conditions of tension, against the backdrop of the confrontation between Russia and the West, the Ukrainian war, and the faltering of the global economy.

What are the signs and indicators on the sidelines of the Shanghai Summit?

A few days ago, Carmel had reservations about everything that might happen at the Putin and Aceh summit, but two days before the meeting, President Putin's palace broke its silence, not only announcing the meeting of the Russian President with his Chinese counterpart during the summit, but also going to confirm that the summit would address two issues that shake the world, starting with The day of the Russian war in Ukraine and tensions between China and Taiwan in one basket. Despite reports of the Chinese president’s concern about the conduct of Putin’s war and the results it might reach, and Russia’s worst defeat in the war last week, Che glorified that China is indispensable to Putin and Russia in forming an anti-Western bloc, which is the point of convergence of Asia In Europe, Chile is unwilling to drop its support for Putin in Russia's most serious confrontation with the West since the height of the Cold War. Therefore, Beijing and Moscow should deepen the partnership without borders, so that it seems that China is ready to do more than just continue the partnership and work as usual with Russia, but rather provide clear support and accelerate the formation of a stronger alliance between China and Russia. Perhaps Beijing will come out of the circle of hesitation and not interfere directly in the Ukraine war, to engage Moscow's economic, political and even military support. Regardless of the huge costs in terms of becoming a target of Western economic sanctions, because the West's hostility has become easier than friendship for Beijing after Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, which encourages Putin's ambition to co-opt Xi and form a superpower Saada in a geopolitical development, the West is watching anxiously by two presidents perhaps The record is not alone. I made them similar in many ways of thinking and some methods of planning, and even in the number of years, as each of them reached the age of sixty-nine. Looking at their previous meetings, it can be said that the 38 previous meetings that brought together Putin and Che since he became president of China in 2013 are a clear indication of the relationship of the two most dangerous men today to Europe and America and all the laureates. While Putin has not met Joe Biden in person since he became US president in 2021, the last time Chino met Putin was in February, just weeks before the Russian leader ordered the start of the Ukraine war.

An alliance terrifies Europe.

Europe has the right to be very afraid of the summit of Putin and Aceh, and may regret it in the future because it did not prevent it, because the fears of the West multiplied more when he learned that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will also be present to meet Putin on a regular basis since the outbreak of Russia's war.

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