It will become the largest European army, the German army is back

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 It will become the largest European army in NATO.. The German army is back for you - Documentary

Beware, there are German soldiers. This sentence was enough to cause terror in the soul of the big before the small in Europe and what is beyond Europe. They were the terror of the old continent and they were its dark night. They were eighteen million fighters. Circumstances wanted them to become less than two hundred thousand. But they decided to return to bring back the nightmares. Now let's go to talk about the return of the nightmare or the return of the German army.
German Chancellor Olaf Scholtus recently announced that his country will have the largest European conventional army in NATO. Thanks to the huge money that Berlin decided to invest to strengthen the capabilities of the German army. Impact of the Russo-Ukrainian War. The German chancellor's words come after an agreement was made between the government in Berlin and the opposition to allocate one hundred billion euros to modernize the German army. This figure will be spent annually on the army. 
Thus, Germany became the highest spending on armaments and modernization of forces in the world. This is unprecedented in Germany. Which, since the end of the Second World War, parked its forces on the side. I sat and watched the world's competing armies. And because we are telling the story of the return of the German army, we must address the not-too-distant history. Let us tell you the story of one of the most powerful armies in the world. Which began in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one. When the princes of the German states flocked to the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles in France. To declare the unification of the German nation into one state. At that time, they chose in the first pyramid, a Russian king of one of the German provinces at the time, to be the emperor of the new united state. In the same year, the German army was born, which began preparing to enter the First World War, which it lost at the end of the war to the Allies. And it caused a suffocation, which made the Germans languish a lot.
 What led to a revolution in the countries of the Germans removed the imperial rule from the rule in the year one thousand nine hundred and nineteen. And a new era began in the country with terms described as humiliating by the Allies. And who forced them to pay compensation and relinquish the land that was theirs. And also. A pledge not to possess military force, except for peacekeeping forces. It was known as the Raykhafir. Restricted in strength, armament, and number. As it did not number more than a hundred fighters. Without a joint command and also without heavy weapons. But it is not Germany that accepts an army more like paramedics and rescuers. Berlin to circumvent the humiliating Versailles agreement and start cooperation with the Soviet Union at the time. It requires the marketing of Soviet products in Europe in return for Moscow training German soldiers and officers on its soil. The Germans also obtained military ammunition, including manufacturing technology. As soon as the era of the thirties came, the Reichsphere became a force to be reckoned with. It is the same force that Adolf Hitler will rely on to build a new army. And actually Hitler to rule in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty-three. And announced the return of conscription first and turned against the Treaty of Versailles. And the number of the Raiskafir became three hundred thousand fighters. 
But it will not satisfy the new leader. Which with the advent of the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five announced the death of the Treaty of Versailles and the birth of a new power for the Germans. He changed the name of the German army or the Reichsfeffer to the Wehrmacht. Which means defense force. Which included three sections. They are land, sea and air forces. Trained, equipped and attached to an advanced and non-stop manufacturing machine. As soon as the winds of World War II blew, the number of its people reached nearly eighteen million. For five years, they afflicted Europe. And they made her live in Hell. They began their war on neighboring France and swept it and made it a German province. They also swept the rest of the continent, North Africa and the Soviet Union. Before the situation turned and the Germans lost nearly ten million soldiers from their forces. The rest declare their unconditional surrender. 
Silence the German rifle, cannon and machine gun. Which has already resounded in the whole world. And that was the morning of the eighth of May in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-five. And it is not only the German army that has paid the price. Even Germany itself was divided and became eastern and western, and it had two armies. Both are weaker than the other. While one of them relied on the Soviet Union, the other fell into the arms of NATO and kept watching a cold war. It lasted nearly forty years. To declare itself Germany finished. After the fall of its famous capital wall. Which was followed by the fall of the Soviet Union itself and the suicide of the spark of the Cold War. To begin a new era for a united Germany. But with conditions imposed by the same countries that have always imposed their conditions on them. France, Britain, America and the Soviet Union forced the new unified German army. Of the two hundred thousand, and its tasks are limited to maintaining peace and security, and it has come to be called the Pontifevere. And he immersed himself more in NATO forces until he became negligible. He also became part of the United Nations peacekeeping force. It was also almost ignored by the government, and Germany became the least spending country on its military. More than one war took place in the world, in which Germany was on the sidelines. From the Balkan wars to the Caucasus wars, through America's war on Afghanistan and Iraq. All wars were in the past.

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