Following in Russia's footsteps, Serbia began to threaten its neighbors in Europe

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 Following in Russia's footsteps, Serbia has begun to threaten its neighbors in Europe and is waiting for the zero hour

While the whole of Europe stands at the heart of one man against what it calls the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Only Serbia tweeted out of the flock on the old continent. A demonstration that supports Moscow and rejects Western sanctions against it. And in this video we will explain to you how the swarm is following in the footsteps of the Russians. And how they will turn into a time bomb in the heart of the Europeans. 
The beginning, as usual, is history. History tells us that whoever resembles his father is not unjust. We are talking here about the similarities between Serbia and Russia. Both countries were, in the recent past, two socialist federations that believed in communism and were hostile to the West and its capitalism. Just as the Soviet Union was centered on Russia, and in its orbit revolves several countries. So was Yugoslavia, centered on Serbia. In its orbit, several countries and more have revolved. Even before the two countries were communist federations, they were kingdoms and empires before that. 
The first was Russia, which remained until the year one thousand nine hundred and seventeen. Great tsarist empire. As well as Serbia until the year one thousand nine hundred and eighteen. From history, Serbia was also the cause of the First World War. She is the one who dragged Russia into this war with her. And they both came out of it in a new cloak. Russia ended the rule of the czars to enter into the rule of the communists. So did Serbia and later and after this date. The alliance between the two countries did not break, but remained coherent until it attained the same fate in the early nineties. The Soviet Union disintegrated and only Russia remained. Yugoslavia also disintegrated, leaving only Serbia. Perhaps the only difference is that the collapse of Yugoslavia was more violent and bloody. It was accompanied by the notorious Balkan wars. 
By committing massacres by the sir. While Russia fought its wars against Chechnya. And because there were similarities in everything. It was by chance that the wars of the Serbs were against the Muslims. And the wars of the Russians as well. nineties of the last century. While Serbia failed to suppress the dreamers of independence. Russia succeeded in that. Russia also succeeded in returning, from the big door. Where she returned a force to be reckoned with. While the Serbs returned to hide behind the Russians. As did the days of the Yugoslav federation. When he was walking behind the Sufyan, as if the wheel of time had turned. For history to rewrite itself with a present similar to the present that has passed. 
At present, Serbia remained silent after the NATO strikes on the locusts to end the Balqa tragedy, at the end of the last century. She opened the new millennium with locusts in a dress that seemed to want to move a little towards a new era. Just as Moscow did ten years before, elected governments and a capitalist economy. and openness to the world. But the same mentality soon returned, especially after Kosovo declared its official and final independence, as the last country of the former Yugoslavia in 2008. It was the population of which constituted thirty percent of the population of Serbia. 
This was considered a turning point that gave impetus to the Serbian nationalists to return to the fore. It is the one who puts an article in its constitution indicating that Kosovo is an integral part of its territory. And with the return of fanatical nationalists. Who carry a very old slogan. Serbia is for Serbs despite the ethnic and ethnic diversity within their country. It seemed that a transformation it was witnessing with locusts brought it back to its old camp. Just as Moscow did by talking about Russian minorities outside Russia. With the locusts, I began by talking about the suffering of Serbs in neighboring Bosnia, in Croatia and in Kosovo. Even the Serb minorities in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have started in recent years with demands that could lead to secession. Exactly as happened in Georgia when the regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia began to demand secession. This gave the Russians an excuse to intervene militarily in Georgia. Likewise, when it replayed the game in Ukraine, when Russia traded in the issues of Russian minorities and took them as a pretext for separating the Crimea in the year two thousand and fourteen, and annexing it to it. And now when I re-entered under the pretext of the Ukrainians persecution of Russian speakers in Dombaz. On the same footsteps are going with locusts, but more shyly. 
The Serbs burned from the resulting fire. Their president was brought to the international court and they are more wary of returning to the square of the nineties. On the other hand, they are moving, even if slowly, towards repeating the same Russian scenario. Which portends the explosion of the Balkans in the side of the old continent. The Europeans do not want a new war to erupt in this region. Which has not healed so far the wounds of the previous war. But what does Belgrade possess of the ingredients that might enable it to shake Europe and perhaps the world? Do its circumstances allow to repeat what Russia is doing? Circumstances may not be all the same. In the locusts, unlike Moscow, it is almost completely besieged by NATO or loyal to NATO and dreaming of joining it. Also, Serbia does not have the military, not even economic, capabilities that would enable it to enter any new war. The flock also depends for a large part of their economy on Germany. Which will not allow them to create a new war. On the other hand, Serbia is considered an ally of the heads. It may receive military and political support from it if it decides to engage in any conflict.

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