Everyone loses in the Ukraine war

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 Everyone loses in the Ukraine war! Wait, North Korea won a lot from Russia and got on the line


In the search for a winner in the Russian war on Ukraine, the American newspaper The Street Journal found a winner that everyone hates to win. It is North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un, the man bet and won, and here is the story and the details. It is no secret to anyone that Russia’s war against their neighbors has returned to the world scenes from days during the Cold War, where the world was divided into two camps, and between them a Russian camp and a Western one, and in the middle many stood, declaring modesty. The West and given that Washington and its allies in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and Korea. The southerners formed the camp of the West. 
The non-aligned or neutral alliance included the rest of the countries from Africa, South America and Asia, and only a few countries stood in the Russian trench, the number of which did not exceed the fingers of one hand, and what is meant by these countries are the ones who adopted the official Russian story, such as launching a special operation in Ukraine instead of war Russia or the Russian invasion, and she is also the one who justified to Moscow its war and offered help and cooperation. 
These are a few countries, including North Korea, the old traditional ally of Moscow. It is known to all that the Russians have been the patrons of the North Koreans since the founding of their state in the wake of the Korean Civil War. To survive a package of major international sanctions. Therefore, the North Koreans had the opportunity to repay the debt to the Russians, and with the opportunity to repay the debt came another opportunity to make some gains, and these gains were great for a country like North Korea, which suffers from a blockade and difficult economic conditions. From the beginning and most importantly, it was to prove Pyongyang's loyalty to Moscow, and this means more closeness to the Russians and greater protection. As they say, he who covers himself with the cloak of a Russian never gets cold. Unlike the Americans, they defend their allies to the last breath, and perhaps Syria and Venezuela, along with Kazakhstan, are the greatest examples of how the Russians preserve the heads of their allies. The region that Moscow is about to extract from Kyiv and the Korean work in it will bring economic benefits to the northern country from the wages of its soldiers and workers to rebuild there. So far, according to reports, Russia hosts nearly 30,000 Korean workers, and the number is likely to rise, while other countries of the world close their doors to the children of Kim's system. Here are several benefits that will come to the Koreans other than work. 
The Russians will open the borders with the Koreans more, and thus the besieged country for decades will compete, and also Russia will allow you in the West to arm North Korea with the best types of missiles. Especially the hypersonic ones. The Koreans will also benefit from the combat experience of the Russians and will train with them in Ukraine. This will give them a degree of superiority over their enemies in South Korea and Japan, and more than that, the voice of nuclear Korea will be louder, and it will not have to compliment the West anymore, and perhaps this is what prompted America and its ally South Korea to conduct huge exercises near the border with the North, which are the largest maneuvers between the two allies in close proximity. 
from the enemy. He is in this a message to Pyongyang, hoping to frighten it, but North Korea, which was rebellious even in the midst of Russia's weakness, will certainly not care, and is now closer to the Russians deployed after their invasion of Ukraine. The only one and they are using them as a scarecrow for the West and America. And Pyongyang is not a fright, as it is a country full of nuclear and ballistic missiles capable of threatening the United States of America, as well as a regime that does not care about international rights or law and does not recognize the entire world order, and therefore it is a stick in the hands of the Russians with which the ambitions of the Americans are undermined if they try to approach their borders. This is something the West understands. Even Kyiv was suspended from the first day of the war and cut off any relationship with the Koreans. Since that first day of the war, North Korea came out to bless the Russian war, declaring its solidarity with Moscow, and any Koreans threw their whole hand in the basket of the Russians and the Russians. These are skilled in the chef and will make good use of the Koreans.
 North Korea means a new front that might open up in the face of the Americans and their allies if Moscow wanted, and this is the last thing that the West and America want, because Ukraine's loss remains less than it could have. If it opens the East Asian front, where Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are allies of Washington to the core and Pyongyang Bin Wuha is able to transform East Asia and the Pacific Ocean. To a burning volcano, and accordingly, the recent news about the Americans' maneuvering or the North Koreans' involvement.

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