Europe is back in the era of coal and Europeans are preparing to leave their country

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 Europe goes back to the ages of coal, and Europeans are preparing to migrate... This is how the continent turned upside down

Green Europe will return to the era of black coal. And the continent, which is the destination of immigrants, its people are preparing to emigrate. And governments calculated on the moderates. 
They will all turn to the right. The Russians have turned the continent upside down. And they turned their winter into hell. Here is the story and the news. Either die of cold or return to the coal ages. Several European countries have decided to restart coal-fired power plants to fill the shortfall of the Russian gas shortage that Putin cut off on his European neighbors, according to Reuters news agency. This energy coming from coal, the European continent had previously announced that it was about to get rid of dependence on it. And reduce their use for a minimum of years. This is in the continent's quest to reduce emissions, as they say, for a cleaner environment and for a greener continent in the future. But if only all wishes were easy to achieve. Says the mouthpiece of the Europeans. 
The Russian company, Gazprom, decided to punish the old continent by reducing its share of gas. Although the Russian company alleges technical malfunctions, the actual cause, which everyone knows, is the Europeans from the Russian war. And their alignment behind America in imposing sanctions on the Russians. And because the Russians' goals are more than forcing the Europeans to return to the use of coal, Middle East Online reported that observers expected European migration outside the continent in winter in search of warmth. To escape from the frost. The expected destination will be the African continent. 
Which used to export immigrants to Europe. This means that the boats that used to carry Africans fleeing poverty and misery towards the north may carry on their way back Europeans fleeing from the cold and frost towards the south. 
This is because replacing Russian gas and its absence before the next winter may be almost impossible. The countries that would receive these arrivals fleeing from the cold are likely to be Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. As for these waves of migration, they will specifically include the elderly from Europe. Those who may not bear the coming severe cold in light of the lack of means of heating, which have been deprived due to the lack of Russian gas, which has turned into a political tool and a weapon in the hands of Putin. Who was accused by the Wall Street Journal of having launched an open war on Europe in the field of energy. And his goal is far beyond economically striking. According to the American newspaper, Putin's strategy is not hidden from anyone. For being announced in June of the year two thousand and twenty-two at an economic conference hosted by Saint Petersburg. Putin said that high energy prices are bringing difficulties to the continent in its economy. What will result in social unrest is the arrival of new governments to European countries. This statement needs a little clarification. 
With the help of the Bull Street Journal's report, Putin's goal is to turn the European peoples against their current governments. Energy prices and the resulting inflation and general rise in prices. Thus, anger will be generated among the people, which may lead to the rise of new parties to power. These and these new parties will be from the right and the nationalists that do not care about the question of Ukraine and support it. What will lead to the fragmentation of the existing Western alliance. This strategy has already begun. Where a right-wing party withdrew from the Italian government and forced the prime minister to resign because of his support for Ukraine and his standing with the West against what they considered the interests, power and entourage of the Italian people. Italy may be just the beginning. Other European countries will follow. This means that the political map of Europe may change completely. And this Putin continued this energy war on the old continent. The continent and its leaders have so far been able to secure only an estimated sixty-seven percent of the energy needed to face the winter. Despite several strategies they followed, such as returning to the use of coal, relying on nuclear energy, and even the issue of reducing consumption. The rest is in the hands of Putin. Either he decides to make the winter soft for the Europeans. Or turn it and turn the continent into hell with him. This depends on Putin's acknowledgment of the position of the Europeans themselves. So far, they are still laying all of their eggs. American basketball and continue to provoke the Russians. Even the US President recently signed the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO. Which means more provocation to the Russians on the backs of the Europeans. Who so far seem to be the most affected by all that is going on.

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