Did America betray Russia and Europe to devote itself to China?

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 The Russians and the Europeans are the biggest losers.. Has America betrayed Russia and Europe to devote itself to China?


Believe it or not. Ukrainian forces are advancing towards Russia. Russia is advancing towards Europe. Both are waiting for a hot winter. Perhaps America is the biggest winner. And the story from the end. The Ukrainian army is advancing in the east of the country, where the Russian spheres of influence. The battle may move to the Dombas region, the stronghold of pro-Russian separatists. It is the biggest defeat of the Russians after their failure to seize the capital, Kyiv, in March of the year two thousand and twenty-two. The Ukrainian progress came at the expense of the retreating Russians, after a Ukrainian attack backed by smart and sophisticated American weapons. Even Russia did not deny the progress of the Ukrainians on them. But it underestimated the scale and impact of this progress. While the people of Kyiv promise the Russians more. And in return for Ukraine's progress on the ground. There is another progress for the Russians, but on another front, which is the war with Europe over energy. The Europeans are on the cusp of a hot winter that may exacerbate their economic suffering as a result of the sanctions they themselves imposed on Moscow. Which decided to respond with harsher penalties. You cut off their power. Rather, it imposed new duties and taxes on what little energy they received. This means that Russia may suffer in Ukraine. Those who began to change their convictions that their war is not against Ukraine or Europe, but against the United States. And this war is not like the days of the Cold War. It is a direct war. 
Washington wants to kill the Russians in order to devote itself to China. Where the dragon vigorously aspires to ascend the throne of world leadership. Here, it does not even sound like a fantasy. In a report published by the Russia Today website. The author of the report talked about the reasons for the delay in the Russian victory. He reasoned that the battle is really not against you, but with Washington, which is waging a war against Moscow. And it was she, which Washington had started. According to the writer, America is the one who dragged the Russians into the quagmire of Ukraine. If Moscow had not started the war, Kias would have started it, according to the Russian article. 
Thus, the clash between the neighbors was inevitable. And those behind him are the Americans who instructed Kyiv to plan an attack on Dombaz, where the Moscow loyalists are. Thus, Russia had to anticipate events and intervene quickly. Confuse their accounts and surprise them before the Ukrainians surprised themselves. It is true that the writer of the Russian article believes that victory is inevitable for Moscow. However, he sees the necessity of resolving another battle before your battle with Yaf, which is the battle against Washington. Because, according to the same article, if the war against Ukraine is quickly resolved, the Americans are ready to open a new front against the Russians. Either in the Baltic states or the Scandinavian countries or on other fronts that no one may know. This means that America is seeking by any means to plunge the Russians into an endless war. A war that delays their rise and brings their economy back years. In fact, on the ground, this is what happened. The Russians got involved in Ukraine. But it is a necessary battle. It may be settled for Moscow. But not no. But in the winter, which may suit them more. In the winter, it will not be the only battle in Ukraine. All Europe. The United States, which has implicated the Russians, has also implicated the Europeans, who were led to hasty and ill-considered sanctions against Russia. The source of the gas that feeds them and gives them heating. And the economy of the old continent and its citizens are the most affected so far. And here the question is, aren't the Europeans allies of Washington? Why sacrifice them? And the answer may lie in Beijing. Where the Europeans had previously refused to submit to America in their open war against China. Even Beijing has become the largest economic partner of the old continent and part of the Chinese project known as the Belt and Road or the New Silk Road. It is linked to and ends with Europe. This did not appeal to the Americans.
 Those who abandoned Europe and set out to create a special alliance to confront China called the Okus Pact. English-speaking countries, not including European countries. For that, Washington decided to throw the Europeans into Russia's crosshairs. But this does not mean that America is completely in control. The Russians do not have enough papers to confront the Americans. Even those in Moscow believe that they can defeat Washington. Beijing is also well aware of what is going on. And she knows that if she allows Moscow to sink, it will be next. It will be eaten as the white Russian bear. Therefore, despite its claim of life in the European war, it is not committed to that. It also lined up behind Moscow and kept it alive.

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