Charles, the new king of Britain

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 Charles, the new king of Britain... an eccentric talking with plants and shaking hands with trees, or a genius ahead of his time?!


This king is a weak people who have reached a very old age. They interfere in politics and do not understand anything about it. Eccentric talks to his plants and shake hands with trees when he plants them. How many scandals and family breakups are enough that he hides his head in the dirt? Especially after he publicly announced his infidelity during the day to the beloved murdered Princess Diana? And the mere presence of the love of his life, his complete second wife, provokes the British, who are still divided over her years after Charles married her. He will not be fit to fill his mother's place to the hugely popular clients, for he has waited an eternity to ascend a throne far greater than his measure.  
This King Charles is strong enough after he finally became, after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, king of Britain and 14 other countries, to end his more than 70-year wait to ascend the throne. He is the longest heir in British history. This king, at the age of three and 70, is ready to face a security legacy that has left a royal family riven by scandals and family squabbles. In addition to the repeated allegations of racism by the Buckingham Palace official, there are those who always seek to distort the good work of this king, as he is always misunderstood for being ahead of his time in several areas, including climate change. This king is a sober person who defends the poor and the oppressed, and this is evidenced by his objection to the British government's welcome of the asylum seeker to Rwanda, and he is always concerned with the well-being of the British of all classes and society. times, and we cannot forget that his charitable foundation has delighted more than 1,000,000 poor and unemployed youths over half a century. 
This King Charles in the eyes of his opponents and haters is not the same in the eyes of his supporters and fans. As for Hua, he says about himself, the problem is that you are always stuck in a loser's position even if you do nothing at all. They will complain about that if you try and stumble during an attempt to stop something to help, they will complain about Eid, confirming his measurements with a life full of tensions and contradictions, which was reflected even on the lives of his two sons, one is the oldest named William and he reached the age of forty years now became the crown prince and lives a life constrained by traditional duties.
 He devotes his time to official royal details and appearances in military ceremonies. In contrast, the youngest son, Harry, who is seven and 30, lives outside Los Angeles with his wife, former American actress Megan, and my two children B, a lifestyle more suited to Hollywood than Buckingham Palace. The state of family disintegration reached Charles' children that the two brothers, who were very close. What you show them today is what looks like a herd. To understand the personality of the new King of Britain Charles, it is necessary to stand on his upbringing. Charles Philip Arthur George was born in Buckingham Palace on the fourth 10/11/1984, which is precisely the twelfth year of the reign of his grandfather, King George VI. He was only three years old when he became crown prince Upon his mother's accession to the throne in 1952. Soon, Charles became a unique heir, if he became the first heir to the throne to go to school and not receive his education at the hands of private teachers, but one of the stages of this study was a real hell in his life. According to King Charles, his attendance at Gordon 60 boarding school in Scotland made him suffer from loneliness and bullying until his study period became a rule. Jail and Wali he used to break royal traditions. 
Shard went to Trinity College, Cambridge, to study archeology and anthropology before moving on to study history. After being formally installed as paternal prince in a grand ceremony in 969, Charles admitted that he spent nine weeks at Wallis University during which he directed almost daily protests from nationalists there. With the advent of the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy, Charles became the first British heir to the throne to hold a university degree when he obtained a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Cambridge. Zen appears as the athletic prince. He wanted to be a champion in skiing, surfing, diving, polo and equestrian. However, the first shock he received in his life when his great-uncle, Lord Mountbatten, was killed in an Irish Republican Army bombing in the year one thousand nine hundred and 79 demanded Charles' life after he was severely affected by his strong attachment to his uncle until Richard came to say the foundation of everything we cherish in life has collapsed. However, this did not prevent the slogan at the time of trying to find a role in public life, but it has always been criticized and rejected for its attempt to interfere in political affairs.

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