California is the fifth largest economy in the world

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 California is the fifth largest economy in the world and the largest in terms of population and money.. What if its dream of independence came true?


You can imagine that this state alone is richer than the whole of Great Britain. And you can imagine that it is the one who spends on the United States, its fund of money, and the population as well. She was close to breaking up. On more than one occasion. She still had the idea. What if you did it and quit? Welcome to the independent republic of California. It is not hidden from one of the repeated and multiple calls for separation. 
Which originates not only from California, but is shared by several other states. The most recent was Texas. The second richest US state. Before these calls came out from nearly fifteen states. Salt her own call for secession from the mother states. To be independent republics separate from Washington. Among them were two mandates that raised their case to the United Nations in the year two thousand and fifteen. 
This is a request for support for the right to self-determination. They are Alaska and Hawaii, and speaking of California, these were its last claims in the year two thousand and seventeen, after Donald Trump came to power.
 As a conservative right-wing Republican president. While California is famous for being the stronghold of liberals in America. And the Democrats' electoral tank. It is also home to many ethnicities and religions. More than half of its population still speaks Spanish. Therefore, her call for independence from the United States was justified by many Americans. Despite the multiplicity of any calls and demands for secession, it has not yet crossed the barrier of calling and demanding. That is, no steps were taken on the path to independence. Unlike Alaska and Hawaii, which applied to the United Nations, as we mentioned. This is due to several reasons. On top of that, the US Constitution does not allow the independence of the states. It is also not easy to allow a state like California to leave the contract of the American union. 
It is the largest state in terms of population. The most important in terms of economy. This leads us to talk a little bit about what this state has. Known in America as the Golden State. In terms of location and area, the state is located on the west coast of America. It borders Mexico, specifically the state of Baja California or Lower California, and these two US and Mexican states were once one part. But they were separated by the US-Mexican war, which the Americans settled and were able to include several states from their neighbor Mexico on their lands. Including California or part of it. This part exceeded an area of ​​four hundred and twenty thousand square kilometers. 
Which is roughly equivalent to the area of ​​a country like Iraq, for example. Which makes it the third US state in terms of area. The current US state includes fifty-eight counties and its capital is Sacramento. The largest city in it is Los Angeles, and one of its other famous cities is San Francisco. Its population is the largest in America and includes nearly forty million people distributed among several ethnicities and origins from whites, Latinos, Asians and black Africans. Historically, as we mentioned, the state was part of Mexico and joined the US states in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty. And her ranking at the time was the state number thirty-one. As for the state's economy, this is the reason for depriving it of secession or independence. Is the state the richest in America? No, but more than that. She is one of the richest in the world. Its GDP is close to $3 trillion. This puts it behind China, Japan and Germany. It also makes it ahead of Britain, France and India. This means that it is currently ranked fifth in the world in terms of the strength of the economy. 
What is the response to this superiority of the mandate for many reasons. Just like the diversity of their sources of income. It is the home of agriculture in America. It is also the home of many of your industries, aviation, oil, and most importantly, information technology. It is home to the famous Silicon Valley, which brings together the most prominent technology companies in the world. Moreover. It is also home to Hollywood, the home of the film, film and entertainment industries. There is also a Disney land or Disneyland. And all this together makes it the most important state in America. But does the state really want to secede? In fact, there is no clear answer to this question. But by mentioning some facts, in the year two thousand and fifteen, a movement was launched in the state called Yes California to demand the independence of the state, and it was relatively popular among the residents. At the top of its demands was a referendum on secession. The model was submitted to the Public Prosecution Office. 
And she received great support, especially after Trump came to power. And she had decided in the year two thousand and nineteen to call for the implementation of an opinion poll to determine the fate of the state. But it did not happen. As we mentioned earlier, Washington will not allow this, because it is easy to imagine the size of the United States' loss. If a state like California splits from it with its size and capabilities. But it is also not possible to determine that the state will not secede or that its dream will not come true, and what supports this hypothesis.
 A recent opinion poll was conducted in the United States by researchers in the state of California. Show that half of Americans expect a new civil war. in their country. This means that the contract of the American Federation will be broken in one way or another. In the event of this war that the Americans expect. And certainly for those who expect war their reasons.

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