Biden raises Washington's concern

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 Biden raises Washington's concern .. What will happen if the death of the president is announced?!


Once he announces that he has cancer and twice with the Corona virus, the White House denies and re-corrects Joe Biden, but the health of the American president has become of concern to Americans, so what will happen in the event of his death and how will Washington’s policy be after him

He dreamed of the White House for thirty-two years. And he woke up and found himself inside.

But he may fall asleep one day and not be able to wake up. The greatest president of the United States of America and the man who came to power, as it was said by a miracle. Live in danger of death. A slip of the tongue from him says he has cancer. And an announcement from the White House that he had contracted the Corona virus. He heals and gets infected again to stay away from the media spotlight. Several lapses and failures highlighted the great president. But the story and scenario may change in an instant. That is if the White House came out to announce the death of the American president. Joe Biden. What will happen then? And who would be the alternative? This is considered the worst-case scenario that Washington may face now. However, it is a very possible possibility. Since he came to power, it is becoming clear day after day that the US president suffers from some diseases. His health is not in the best condition. The announcement of his repeated infection with the Corona virus, and before that, the announcement of his infection with cancer, which was denied by the White House. increase fears. But what would happen if that happened? According to US law. The equation is clear. In the event of the death of the president, his deputy shall replace him until the end of his term. And then presidential elections are held, as usual. Here we are talking about the arrival of Vice President Joe Biden to power, Kamal Harris. And with her name comes a second question. What would happen if you arrived? How is its policy? In fact, Harris was a rival to Biden before becoming his deputy. Where she competed for the presidency in the Democratic Party. But she quickly retreated to get the position of vice president. We cannot deny her pivotal role in his candidacy campaign for the elections. Where she was one of the most prominent faces that mobilized support for Biden in front of Trump. She has a lot of hope to be one of the best vice presidents in US history. But one year after she took office, those hopes were dashed. Her first year in office was far from successful. It also came to her to escape from the media cameras and make an official appearance, unlike what was happening with Vice President Mike Pence. Opinion polls indicate a significant decline in its popularity at home. During the same year, Joe Biden assigned her tasks described as difficult. Others are almost impossible. In addition, her office experienced many resignations in positions described as high-ranking within it. What made her in the crossfire and at the same time not the most likely candidate in the party. Since taking office, Harris has been tasked with addressing the root causes of irregular immigration to the United States, particularly from Central American countries. However, the opposite of expectations has occurred. During the same year, immigration rates to the United States increased, especially from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. What was described as a fiasco for Harris. Where the task described as difficult, but not impossible at all. It was also entrusted with the task of reforming the national voting law. And that is after Trump came out with accusations saying that the elections had been rigged. But Harris was on the verge of another failure. Where she found desperate opposition from the Republicans. Some Democrats rejected reform, and Harris' efforts turned into a staggering failure. We can imagine the hypothesis of Harris's arrival to the presidency. Internally, she has experienced failure vigorously. Externally, observers describe its policy as being closer to Israel in particular. And it could lead to Washington losing many allies. On the other hand, some believe that her rise to the presidency will be supported by former US President Barack Obama. Which could completely recreate the scenario of its previous era through Kamal Harris. Still, Harris's rise to office will be a unique case. Where she will be the first woman to rule the White House in history. At the same time, the first woman of brown skin to reach the position also. It may represent its rise in the beginning without elections. A suitable opportunity for her to market herself more at home. At the same time, forging new partnerships with new allies can help it improve its management. And then officially enter the elections and she is the former president. It is not the vice president who is not in front of the media and is pursued by failure in all the files she works on. Do you think Harris will be better than Biden in the White House? Is it possible to prove itself in front of the world to become official and popular? The actual president of the United States. stop.

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