America prepares "red sands" in Saudi Arabia

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 America is preparing the "red sands" of Saudi Arabia and its nuclear bombers over Khamenei... Iran is feeling its army!


Release our hand to strike Iran. For once, we will tie Israel's hands. We are aware of the danger on the part of Iran. Two sentences in a telephone conversation between US President Joe Biden and Israel's Prime Minister, Airlab, were enough for Iran to start the largest ground military maneuvers in its history. Because the Israeli-American rhetoric this time began to be associated with actions. These American nuclear bombers fly over the head of Ayatollah Khamenei. And wander the sky of the Middle East back and forth. On the ground, in Saudi Arabia, America is hiding Iran. Where the United States of America is working to establish military tests in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to deal with the threat of drones and ballistic missiles from Iran. What indicates the region's readiness for a fatal blow to Iran. Prohibition on its impact, even from responding to harm any of its neighbors. Although Star News has previously completed several works that simulate the scenarios of bombing Iran, all of them can be viewed by simply subscribing to the channel and activating the bell button. However, the burning of the sky over Iran and the readiness of the earth to quake beneath it indicates the imminence of a lightning war. It has changed the shape of the Middle East and the world. Nuclear bombers at the head of Tehran. For months, Israel's main concern has been either the bombing of Iran in Syria, or the development of plans and the preparation of the army and equipment for the settlement of many of Tehran's facilities on the ground soon. Until it came to Israel to activate the joint plan B with America to bomb Iran. With the introduction of amendments based on simultaneous strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities. And all its defense and military systems on Iranian soil to paralyze it completely. In conjunction with the bombing of Iranian militias in the region. Especially the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, Islamic Jihad and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In addition to the Houthi militia in Yemen and other Iranian militias in the region. And all this with the aim of preventing Iran from launching attacks on Iran's Arab and Israeli periphery. In retaliation, the simultaneous US and Israeli bombing of Iran's nuclear facilities and military systems. Today, time is running out for Iran before this coordinated strike is launched. No sooner had a call between Lapid and Biden ended, in which the US president released the hand of the Israeli prime minister to bomb Tehran. Until an unusual flight began, foretelling much to come. American B-52 nuclear bombers in the skies over the Middle East. The Saudi Ministry of Defense published footage showing Saudi fighters escorting American nuclear bombers. It was flying in the skies of the kingdom. What increased Tehran's fear was that the two B-52 bombers were long-range, with nuclear capabilities, capable of destroying Tehran from long distances. Before a statement came by Lieutenant-General Alexus Green Kiuch, the Supreme Commander of the US Air Force in the Middle East, to justify Iran's horror by saying that the threats to the United States and our partners will not go unanswered. The statements of many US military personnel continue to provide indications of an imminent strike on Iran, including the former commander of the Marines in the US Central Command in the Middle East, San Mandy, who called on Israel and the Gulf states to build a rapid response force. This revives calls made by leaders and officials before for the establishment of a Middle Eastern NATO for Iran. America is preparing from Saudi Arabia. At a time of escalating tension between the United States and Iran, American media outlets announced that Washington is working with Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East to launch a network of drones to confront Iranian military threats in the region. It is noteworthy that this network will come from a US military test facility. Washington began working on its establishment in Saudi Arabia. With the aim of dealing with the threat of drones and ballistic missiles from Iran. According to US officials, the MBC News Network reported that the facility will test new technologies to combat the growing threat. From drones, to developing and testing air and missile defense capabilities. The name of the new facility also includes the Red Sands Integrated Experience Center. In an approach with the white sand center located in the state of New Mexico. It is intended for long-range missile tests. Although the United States did not specify the location of the site definitively. However, US officials stressed that Saudi Arabia is the most likely place. Because it has wide open spaces owned by the government. In addition to having the ability to test different methods of electronic warfare. Such as communication jamming and directed energy. without affecting the nearby population centers. According to US leaks, the United States will probably finance about twenty percent of the project's cost. It provides about twenty percent of the workforce, while the rest will be covered by the allies. Iran is sensitive to its army. It seems that Iran, which is witnessing with its own eyes the US-Israeli moves to strike it, can no longer close its eyes to the ignition of the bombing fires on its territory. What prompted the Iranian army to launch the largest maneuvers in the history of Iranian ground forces in Nasrabad, Isfahan Province, in central Iran


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