America ignites the earth with wars under the feet of Russia and China

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 Russia and China are on fire because of America

Sirens record the roar of planes, the roar of missiles and guns, and the rumble of bullets in different places all over the planet. An authentic link that combines all these struggles that once woken up. The only link between all these conflicts is the fingers of the United States, which is exploding the ground under Russia and China everywhere. Whether in the areas of influence of the Russian bear and the Chinese dragon, or in the lands of their allies. In Ukraine, NATO, led by Washington, kept screaming at Russia's borders until Moscow got involved in the biggest war since World War II. Seven months and the grandchildren of the Red Army drain you of their country's forces on the fronts. 
There is no victory or defeat looming. With the continuation of America and all of Europe supplying weapons to Kyiv. In Kosovo, no sooner had US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkon left than the conflict between the Serbs in the sphere of influence of NATO ally Russia and Washington flared up when the Kosovo authorities decided, by surprise, to oblige the North Squadron to obtain an identity card issued by the country. And the plates of cars coming from neighboring Serbia were replaced with plates issued by Kosovo. What he met was Serbs still living in Kosovo, which is not internationally recognized, by blocking roads and demonstrating. Kosovo forces responded by attacking the Serb minority. 
At that time, Serbia rose up, closed the border passages, and prepared to attack Kosovo. What reminds of a bloody conflict that left thirteen thousand people dead, most of them Kosovo Albanians. It ended with the declaration of the secession of Kosovo without international recognition. Especially from Serbia and Russia. Today, it seems that America is on its way to push Kosovo to isolate the Serbs in the northern region from the rest of Serbia. 
This portends another new war in Europe, involving Russia in its sphere of influence. In Taiwan, it seems that the United States is not too late. Before setting fire to China, Russia's biggest ally. When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, despite China's warnings and threats that the visit would inflame the situation with Taiwan. which China considers a rebellious part of it. But Washington went with her plan to the end. 
This forced China to carry out exercises and maneuvers around Taiwan, simulating the scenario of an attack on it. To jump to the memory of the Russian scenario regarding Ukraine when it began exercises, which Washington said was a prelude to a military operation against Kyiv. And because America will not stop until China and Russia are involved in a new war. The United States and its allies continue to conduct military exercises on the border or in other parts of Asia to provoke China and Russia. The latest launch of the Garuda Shield military exercises in Indonesia. 
More than 5,000 soldiers from Indonesia and the United States participated in it, in addition to Singapore, Japan and Australia for the first time. Simultaneously with the Taiwanese maneuvers. Assume a Chinese invasion soon. What may provoke a direct Sino-US military clash. Russia will not stand by and watch him in any case. In the Middle East, the situation is not much different. Israel and America did not stop threatening to strike Iran because of their dissatisfaction with the negotiations to resolve the issue of the Iranian nuclear program according to scenarios and plans, the latest of which is Plan B. It is based on destroying Iranian nuclear reactors and paralyzing the capabilities of Iran's militias in the region by simultaneously striking the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon or Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. And if such a war erupts in the Gulf, it is likely that it will also affect the neighboring Arab countries, with the direct intervention of Russia, an ally of Iran. The fires of war pouring over Russia's head also reached Azerbaijan. which recently declared its control over strategic heights in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region with Armenia. 
What brings back the specter of the twenty-year war between Russia-backed Armenia and Turkey-backed Azerbaijan. At the same time, there are reports of America's support for the transfer of weapons to Azerbaijan and the accumulation of heavy weapons in Karabakh with the aim of implicating Russia in a new war in which it supports Armenia. In addition to driving a wedge between Turkey and Russia after the rapprochement and the recent growing relations between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin. And in the end, if the reason is known, the hero of wonder. 
What does America want from igniting the earth wars under Russia and its allies? Or even under the countries of Europe allied with America.
 No one disagrees that the United States of America has been for decades and decades the largest beneficiary of globalization that it built and remained centered around it since the collapse of the Soviet Union. early nineties. 
What may raise questions about America's interests by demolishing the regime today. Through wars involving Russia in its areas of influence or on the territory of its allies. On the other hand, Washington stands supportive from afar. At a time when Europe and Asian countries, Washington's allies, are paying the war tax on their lands.

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