America and Europe in one world and China in another.. Where is your country?!

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Three worlds rule the planet

If you were a resident of China and traveled by plane to France, you actually did not just travel. Rather, it moved from one world to another, from the Third World to the First World. Three worlds rule the planet, or more precisely divide it as the countries want. In the past, the United States classified the countries of the world and is now giving them the appropriate classification. You are in the first world and you are in the second world. 
You do not represent anyone. So you are from the third world. There may be a fourth world that no one knows about. But where did that division begin? How do you classify the countries of the world today? The last century was rife with events and conflicts. Especially the Second World War, which was the most violent war in history. Destruction and deaths and countries returned to zero. Europe is recovering its losses and devastation, and the Middle East is in a state of ferment. 
The collapse of the Ottoman Empire and before that, the Russian Empire. The world rearranged its cards again. And the United States rose to compete with the Soviet Union for leadership of the planet. And that competition was the result of many wars and conflicts. And divisions that no one has ever heard of. No sooner had the Second World War ended than the raging conflict between Washington and Moscow began. America saw in the Soviet Union an enemy trying to spread the idea of ​​communism all over the world. And she should stop it completely. For its part, the Soviet Union saw America as a rogue imperialist state. She does not want the world's good and tries to convert everything for money. 
Which turned into what later became known as the Cold War between the two parties. America supported countries on the one hand, and the Soviets supported countries on the other. While many countries stood on the sidelines. Here, some Western theorists found that the world should be divided. In fact, the Cold War was the main reason for dividing the world into three physical worlds. The first world The second world The third world. Alfred Sophie, the famous French theorist, was the godfather of partition. In the early fifties of the last century, he published an article of his on the division of the world, placing the West, or the capitalist camp, in the first world. 
And the Soviet Union or the socialist world in the second world. As for the third world, it included countries that were not counted on either side. Sophie made it clear from the article and his division that he was one of the millions of people affected by the bipolar division of the planet. But he did not know that this division would continue for decades, even after the end of the Cold War. And it will turn into an assessment for all countries. Economically, militarily and politically. Finally, human rights and freedoms entered directly into this assessment. The Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s. Most of the socialist countries collapsed with him. Where Czechoslovakia disintegrated and became several countries. Most of the old countries adopted new systems that differed radically from the socialist system. This made the old Sophie classification completely invalid. There is no longer socialism in the world. And the planet became almost monopolar, which is the United States of America. Therefore, the classification of the second world countries has almost disappeared. There are first world countries and third world countries. But what is the classification of each country and how do countries classify today? With the collapse of the Soviet Union and its disintegration, many countries that were in the classification of the second world countries moved to the first world countries, especially those that came under the umbrella of the European Union and NATO. 
But many of them stayed in the middle. While the third world countries remained in their position. This is because it remained neutral. Then on several issues. Almost all Arab countries are classified as third world countries. However, with the passage of years, new standards emerged for classifying countries. Chief among them is the economy. In third world countries the economy depends mostly on agriculture and the sale of raw materials. In order to buy ready-made goods. In developed countries, these types are part of the economy. Gross national income is among the criteria. Where the total value provided by the state to citizens during the year is evaluated. of daily and living goods and services. Hence, industry standards were added. which confirms its development. Finally, technology entered the line to be added to the standards, along with security and the average life expectancy, which is the average years that an individual lives. To them are added the age structure in the country and the general unemployment rate. 
However, the classification remained fluctuating among many countries. As a state minister comes out and says about other countries that they are from the third world. It is repeated over and over. But the United Nations put a slightly different classification. Where the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs classified the countries of the world into three classifications. This is for analytical purposes only. They are developed countries in various fields such as Australia, Japan and Norway. Countries in economic transition such as Germany, Serbia and Ukraine. Finally, developing countries such as Cuba and Egypt. 
The new classification put the third world countries with a new designation, which is the developing countries. In short, today's powerful Western economies are still described as first world. But the term "Second World" has become outdated and limited in use. This is after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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