A devastating scenario chosen by the Kremlin master

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 Putin to the world: I am not joking, wait and you will see .. a destructive scenario chosen by the master of the Kremlin


I'm not kidding and that's not cheating. You want to destroy us, but we will destroy you. We have a nuclear weapon and mobilization has begun. A phrase uttered by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a speech to his people. It can take the world's breath away. Here is Europe calling for taking the threat seriously and vowing to respond. As for America, which mobilized its forces to respond to a possible nuclear attack, it pledged to protect its European allies after implicating them in a prolonged war. 
While China was trying to contain the situation by calling for dialogue before it was too late. Ukraine's President Volo Demers of Anskelli was proud that the battle had turned in his army's favour. At a time, Putin's allies did not remain silent, but immediately appeared the most war-loving of them. 
The President of the Russian Republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, to say that the past was just childish banter. And today it is to move to new tactics of action in Ukraine. Before Putin's Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu came out and put points on the letters by saying openly during the day. All the weapons of the Russian army, including nuclear ones, will be used in the Ukrainian war. What is the scenario towards which a war that Europe has known since World War II, after Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement of partial mobilization, is heading? Amidst talk of heavy losses received by his forces with the continued progress of the Ukraine. Putin is finished. With the end of Putin's speech, which focused on three points. Serious threat to use weapons of mass destruction. Especially nuclear to destroy the West. In addition to announcing a partial mobilization of the army with the aim of putting new forces on the fronts of Ukraine. Finally, he opened the door for funding wide to produce more weapons for his army. It became clear that the course of the battles would take another, more brutal turn than before. 
The military mobilization that will be added to the forces after the announcement of the mobilization includes three hundred thousand additional reserve soldiers, after the number of Putin's army in the war was only two hundred and fifty thousand. According to Russia, the new mobilization applies only to those with previous military experience. However, the West sees this mobilization as unqualified militarily. An attempt to compensate for the heavy losses of Putin's army on the fronts of Ukraine recently. While the Russians and their allies say that the increase aims to implement a new scenario in the war. It is not only based on completely reversing the equation and waging battles in which Russia is opposed to Ukraine, but perhaps a prelude to directly plunging European countries as a party to the war. Where Putin said in his speech that the West is practicing nuclear blackmail. Russia has many weapons to respond, including nuclear ones. This was confirmed by Putin's Defense Minister, who confirmed that the Russians would use nuclear weapons. This is what Europe began to take more seriously with the escalation of the number of Russian deaths. As Russia announced the killing of about six thousand of its soldiers compared to more than sixty thousand of the Ukrainians. Optimistic figures appear in front of Western figures talking about the deaths of tens of thousands of Russian soldiers. Especially with the US Pentagon talking about madness in Russia after the war failed to achieve its goal. The Russian Wagner militia incurred heavy losses in Ukraine, especially among fighters with no combat experience. This is what Putin resorts to today, according to the West. 
By putting in more inexperienced soldiers. In addition to an attempt to legitimize the occupation of Ukrainian regions through referendums, as described by the West. This was confirmed by Putin during his speech as referendums that express the desire of the Republic and the two provinces to join his country. West and the point of no return. It seems that Europe, which used to see a lot of Putin's nuclear threat, was evidence of his failure to use it. Today, it is looking with a different eye to these threats, after the situation on the ground turned against Putin's army. Whereas British Foreign Secretary Julian Caegan considered that Putin's rhetoric is a worrying escalation and the threats should be taken seriously. While Robert Habeck, German Vice Chancellor, went on to confirm that the partial mobilization of the Russian army is a major escalation and we are studying the response to it. The rest of Europe will not depart from the framework of the conviction this time that things are no longer just a threat. Especially with the release of intelligence reports from the American ally confirming the existence of suspicious movements of Russian tactical nuclear weapons at a time when the Russian forces continue to retreat, especially in the Kharkiv region. 
The result of a counter-attack launched by the Ukrainian forces about two weeks ago. What suggests a new scenario is that there is no one else in front of Putin. B put all the eggs of his weapons in one basket and follow the scorched earth policy. Which was summed up by his ally Kadyrov that the time for joking is over. While it remains to be expected that the West will respond, it is not inconsistent with placing all the eggs of its weapons in one basket and following the scorched-earth policy. Which was summed up by his ally Kadyrov that the time for joking is over. While the prediction of the West's response remains not so difficult, with Kyiv's support to break Putin. And the response to any nuclear use of Russia is nuclear like it. It may threaten all of humanity.

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