3 years of fire passed through Britain .. What awaits her?!

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 Buckingham Palace bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II

Blackness settled on Britain again. Buckingham Palace bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II. Operation London Bridge has been launched. And the Prime Minister mourns the Queen. He has become an official king and many problems and obstacles for Britain to overcome. The next one is not expected. But what the United Kingdom has been through in the last three years. It could be one of the most difficult years for her. Disintegration and separation of scandals, leaks and withdrawal from the royal family. What happened in London? And what more awaits her? Despite being a family that ruled hundreds of years ago in Britain, it inspired around the world. 
But what Queen Elizabeth II lived through in the last three years was not so little. Stormy events changed the face of the United Kingdom. At the same time, it completely changed the arrangement of the royal family. The beginning was from the reconciliation that has to end with the European Union. In the year two thousand and sixteen, Britain officially decided to leave the European Union, through a popular referendum in which the separation was approved. Where seventeen interval four million voters supported the separation. As opposed to sixteen separator one million voters.
 And both England and Wales supported secession. While Scotland and Northern Ireland supported staying with the Union. This marked the end of a forty-eight-year relationship with the European Union. In the year two thousand and nineteen, the vote was repeated with the victory of Boris Johnson in the legislative elections. Which in turn authorized the process of secession so that the United Kingdom officially began in December of the year two thousand and twenty a new era by completing its separation from the European Union. As for the application of the rules of the union. It started implementing new procedures of its own. The exit, which most British politicians described as historic and that it would benefit Britain. It never went smoothly. It was followed by many stormy events, in the midst of which was Queen Elizabeth II, who herself ratified Britain's exit from the Union. In April of the year two thousand and twenty-one. The Queen lived through difficult moments with the death of her husband, Prince Philip. At the age of ninety-nine years. And that without announcing the main cause of death. Thus the longest royal consort in British history died. And the Queen appeared in her black dress, sad for her throne partner. After the death of the Kingdom, stormy events occurred, coinciding with the continuation of the so-called scandals of Prime Minister Pauli Johnson. 
The Dominic Cummings scandal was the first, the hero of which was Jenson's chief adviser and British political strategist. Dom who made at least one trip with his family during the Covid-19 pandemic in Britain. The second scandal was in response to the 19th Covid epidemic in Britain. The British government decided to conclude contracts and employ a number of individuals at the time. Shortage of personal protective equipment and the special political issue of Johnson's second ministry. The third scandal was the financing of the renovation of the 11th Downing Street apartment. The official residence of the British Chancellor of the Exchequer. Which became the subject of controversy in the year two thousand and twenty-one. When allegations were made in the press about whether an initially undisclosed loan had been used to help finance it. 
The fourth scandal was the most famous, which is Bartijay. It is the most widespread political scandal among Johnson's scandals. Its events occurred during the pandemic, when public health restrictions attended most of the gatherings. There have been several nationwide lockdowns. However, there were gatherings that took place at the Prime Minister's house. Located at 10 Downing Street. The fifth scandal was related to the sexual misconduct of the former Conservative Party vice-chairman, which proved that Johnson was aware of the reports of the incidents of sexual harassment. Despite this, Johnson appointed him as Deputy Coordinator of the Conservative Parliamentary Wing. After that, scandals and leaks arrived every day at Johnson and his government. What caused a state of anger and anxiety in Britain. This is because the Prime Minister is directly related to all these scandals. In addition, these constant scandals coincided with the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which in turn cast a shadow over Britain, economically, politically and socially. Finally, Paul Johnson's series of scandals ended with his resignation as prime minister. And appoints his replacement after that, Liz Truss for the Conservative Party itself. The death of Queen Elizabeth II in September came with several growing problems for the kingdom as a whole. The results of the Russian-Ukrainian war appeared quickly, and the biggest loser was the British people. After the Corona virus crisis, which led to economic problems in various countries of the world. The British economy was particularly affected by the high rates of inflation. 
The war came in Russia, which ignited a terrifying energy crisis throughout the European continent. This is because Russia has been the largest supplier of gas to the continent for years. It mainly depends on it to generate electricity and operate laboratories, among others. Sanctions imposed on Russia by Britain and the European Union countries. Russia has found in gas a point from which it can respond to those sanctions. At first, she demanded that he pay for the gas in Russian rubles..

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