The story of the spy pilot who hijacked the plane

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Hijack an Iraqi plane and take it to Israel.. Learn the story of the spy pilot!

The time is April of the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five. The event was a meeting between the commander of the Israeli Air Force, Ezer Weizman, and the head of the Mossad, Meir Amit.
The second asked the first Do you have requests? He answered. I want a twenty-one MiG. And that was the beginning of the story. year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five. Egypt, Syria and Iraq each acquired twenty-one Soviet MiGs. Which was considered the best combat aircraft in the world, which made it a target for Israel. To know the subtleties of the plane and the way to confront it. The plan was to hijack one of those planes. Both the CIA and the Mossad laid out many plans to acquire that plane. The first plan was to intercept one of those planes and force it to land in Israel. But it is a failed plan before it is implemented. The second is the implantation of a pilot agent in one of the Arab air bases. The plan was completely rejected. 

The third plan was to recruit an Arab pilot and force him to hijack one of the planes. This is what actually happened, specifically from Iraq. The Israeli Mossad put all the plans in front of him, and four Iraqi pilots were chosen to recruit one of them. The choice fell on the pilot captain Mounir Rofa. He is a Christian pilot known for his attempts to escape from Iraq. And purely by chance, during one of the concerts. Rofa met an English woman who is the wife of the director of the Iraqi Oil Company. Which fed a den of espionage in Iraq. To enter into a strong emotional relationship.

 Then he told her of his desire to leave Iraq for the United States. To coordinate a meeting for him with her husband, who offered him an escape plan, starting with taking him for a sick leave from his work and moving him and his family to the northern provinces of Iraq. And from there to Iran and then transferred to Britain and the United States. The second is to deport him and his family in hiding from Basra to Britain. Munir immediately agreed with some modifications. After obtaining the required permit, he headed towards Basra and was provided with a forged passport, and he rode the oil tankers. After hours of deep sleep due to the drug, Rofa woke up to find himself in the center of Tel Aviv. 

So that the Israeli Mossad began to investigate him, and they chose him to work or expose him, after they took many pictures while he was with them. After long investigations and agreements, Rofa agreed to carry out Operation Zero Zero Seven. Then he returned to Iraq quietly. After several months, his family was transferred to Iran and from there to London. To start after the crucial zero hour days. At exactly a quarter past eight in the morning of the sixteenth of August, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-six. A formation of twenty-one modern MiG aircraft on the runway of Al-Rasheed Air Base to carry out regular training flights. Among the pilots was the spy Mounier Rova. And quietly uncle al-Qaeda. Mounir took off and was flying his plane in the sky. And then he began to move away from the flock more and more. Claiming to do a training maneuver. But minutes later, the Iraqis realized that he was fleeing outside the border, heading quickly towards the Jordanian border, amid incapacitation from the Iraqi air defenses. 

Jordanian planes tried to intercept it, but failed due to the terrible force of the Soviet plane. To enter the Israeli border from the Dead Sea area. It was monitored by Israeli radars, which sounded alarms. Announcing the hostile air attack. Israel held its breath for a few minutes and its planes took off to hunt the hostile target, but Rofa began to descend more and more. Before he was shot, orders arrived to let him land. In order for Israel to succeed in obtaining the latest Arab planes, many of them in the October war, after it dismantled the plane and learned a lot about its secrets. 

Al-Raouf lived with his family in Israel until he died in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight, and his name was immortalized in Israel after the hero of heaven. Iraq issued a death sentence against him in absentia on charges of high treason. Between heroism and betrayal, Rofa presented a twenty-one MiG to Israel on a golden platter.

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