Russian 'Washington spy' hacked the Kremlin

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 Oleg Smolenkov .. a Russian "Washington spy" penetrated the Kremlin and was rescued by the CIA from arrest

Trump accused him of exposing him. He was the focal point in the matter of Russian interference in the US elections. He suddenly disappeared from Russia and was said to have arrived in the United States. Reminds the spies of the Cold War. And open again the accusations between the two parties. Oleg Molonikov is a spy of the new generation. Recruitment. In the year 2006, the Russian Alex Morenikov was working at the Russian Embassy in Washington. As a second secretary at the embassy. The secretary of the embassy drew the attention of America. 

The first reason was his frequent traffic violations in America because of his constant complaints about the salary he receives from the Russian government. That information was obtained by the FBI, which monitors foreign diplomats. Russia, especially in the United States. Which in turn passed that information to US counterintelligence intelligence. Which hastened to recruit him for her. Then suddenly entered the Kremlin Palace. 

This enabled him to gather enormous information from the Russian President's office. in Carmel. Oleg was the second secretary to the Russian ambassador in Washington, Yuri Ushakov, who was subsequently appointed as Putin's adviser on international affairs. And that year two thousand and twelve. To appoint Oleg as his advisor in the Kremlin. He remained in the position for five years. 

While the Russian press says that the positions he held did not enable him to access highly classified information. Other sources indicate that Oleg was able to access a huge amount of information. Especially those related to the United States, as he was an assistant to Putin's adviser in international affairs. The American press says that he worked for the intelligence services for decades, and had it not been for his provision of valuable information, he would not have continued his work with them and then directed him to the United States. The New York Times also indicated that Oleg had obtained valuable information about Russian interference in the US elections in the year twoteen sixteen. Among them was a classified document from Putin's office. Without without official confirmation by the US Central Intelligence Agency. Secret evacuation. In the year two thousand and sixteen, the CIA began the process of planning the evacuation of Oleg from Russia. This is for security reasons. For fear of falling into the hands of the Russian government. But according to several reports, Oleg refused to leave for personal reasons. But with the arrival of Donald Trump to the presidency, fears for Olek's life rose, especially after the scandal of Russian interference in the US elections. 

Trump is considered close to Russia, unlike his opponent, Hillary Clinton. In addition to revealing information about Russian interference, which increased the intelligence's concern over his life and the information he carried. And in May of the year two thousand and seventeen, during a visit by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to the White House. Information came out about Trump's disclosure of classified information, including state secrets, which led to the suspension of a secret Israeli operation. At the time, the US intelligence official believed that Oleg was among the secrets revealed by Trump. A few days later, specifically in June of the year two thousand and seventeen. Oleg asked for a short vacation to go with his family to Montenegro. This is under the pretext of tourism. From there, their transfer to the United States was secured. After a short period of time, the Russian authorities became aware of his disappearance. And I thought a murder had taken place against him. But after searching, an arrest warrant was issued against him and handed over to Interpol. The CNN report came to reveal the excuses for Oleg's work and the way he escaped. 

Then US intelligence denied the agency's report, while the Kremlin administration admitted Oleg's job. She said he never worked directly with Putin. The Russians added that Oleg was sacked in the year two thousand and sixteen, so that the two sides shared the same story. While reports indicated a short time later that he had bought a villa in a suburb of Washington, the price approached one million dollars. He and his family live under their real names in the United States. But when the press arrived at the villa, it was found empty, while the neighbors confirmed that a Russian family was living there. The American press says that the intelligence is working to deny his existence for fear of assassinating him on American soil with a dose of nerve gas. As happened to some spies in Russia. And between the Russian and American consensus and Olega's concealment from the media. The incident was recorded as being part of the modern spies war. It brought back memories of Cold War spies. Will the coming days reveal to us new spies?

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