From espionage to fame... Anna Chapman is beautiful Putin

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 From espionage to spotlight... Anna Chapman is Putin's babe

On the strings of excitement and temptation. Russian beauty bomb and glamorous deceived the United States with Russia's money. It almost penetrated the Obama administration by calling it Putin's spy and bringing back memories of the Cold War to the world. She occupied everyone with her work and then fascinated them with her beauty. A luscious female spy.
 I am Kochchenko. She was born into an intelligence family in the Russian city of Starngrad. In the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-two, her father was a senior Soviet intelligence officer, working in the Soviet embassy in Kenya. She studied economics at Moscow University and obtained a master's degree from it. In the year 2000, she moved to Britain, specifically to London. 
To get acquainted there with Alex Champagne, who will bear his title later. Less than five months later, they agreed to marry. British citizenship was granted as a result of that marriage. And between the years two thousand and three and two thousand and four I worked in a company that rents planes to businessmen. She worked in a bank in London and was known to have a limited income. Four years have passed since the marriage, and the two parties agree to a divorce, and the reason is frequent disagreements. But they kept their friendship.
Despite showing hatred towards the United States, she suddenly decided to live in New York. She founded a real estate rental company and became its CEO. At first the company was experiencing major financial problems. But a lightning visit to Moscow changed the company's line. To turn from loss to success, and the number of its employees reaches fifty, as the company suddenly has a lot of liquidity. With her, Anne began to get close to prominent businessmen and politicians in the United States, including Michel Bitan, owner of a prominent chain of restaurants in New York. Through which I contacted a number of prominent men there, and according to American reports, I had a relationship with him in the administration of former US President Barack Obama. Without confirming that I was able to obtain information from him. In light of the great expansion in the United States and the large and mysterious relations, the FBI began tracking its movements and contacts. But a will that Champagne violated caught her. Where I recommended not to trust anyone who says that he belongs to the Russian intelligence. But the FBI set her in a tight ambush. The role was played by an undercover officer who is perfectly fluent in Russian. 
Where he lured her to a Starbucks cafe in Manhattan, and there he gave her a false passport. And he recommended that he be handed over to a supposed spy. She agreed, after he convinced her that he was from the Russian intelligence. After she got the passport, she felt an ambush. To buy two new phone cards with a fake name. She called her father and a Russian brigadier general in New York and he advised her to hand over the passport to the nearest police station, in addition to the calls she made after the incident. She was arrested by the security authorities in June of the year two thousand and ten. 
And then he signed the spy network that she works with. Which included nine people with her working under the command of the Russian Foreign Intelligence. Champagne was brought to court, accused of conspiring and collaborating with a foreign organization, but her detention period did not last long. In July of the same year, a spy exchange deal was concluded between the United States and Russia. 
Which was considered the largest of its kind since the Cold War. Keep Champagne away from the lights and media for a while. British citizenship was withdrawn and she was denied entry. But the fame had come and gone. After her arrest, many pictures of her spread on social media. She was taken from her personal Facebook page and ranked in the same year among the 100 most attractive women in Russia. At the end of the year, she entered the world of politics through the United Russia party, and in January of the year two thousand and eleven she shifted work in the media and the lights. She presented a television program on one of the largest television channels in Russia. And press reports in the year two thousand and four indicated that it tried to trap the American corruption detective, Edward Snowden. On the orders of the Kremlin. Where she offered him marriage and deliberately met him several times. 
Which confirmed the continuation of its close relationship with the Russian government. Especially with Vladimir Putin. Who welcomed her upon her return and honored her to be Putin's glamorous spy in the Kremlin.

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