Can homosexuality really be blessed with Christianity?!

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What does the Pope want from homosexuals? Can homosexuality really be blessed with Christianity?!

On the return flight from Rio de Janeiro to Rome in July of the year two thousand and thirteen. Pope Francis turned to the journalists on the plane and asked them, "Who am I to pass judgment on gays?" Seven years later. The Pope added what makes homosexuals happy the most in a documentary, saying that homosexuals have the right to live in a family. Understanding the children of God. But I allowed the sons of God from the homosexuals as the door in the year two thousand and twenty, today it is as if he says, Oh joy, what has happened. And that's a year later. Specifically in March of the year two thousand and twenty-one, when the Vatican announced a statement under the seal of the Pope himself. And that the Catholic Church will not bless same-sex marriage. And what made the homosexual mud worse. The statement of the Vatican door was not satisfied with disassociating oneself from the blessed. Rather, he described homosexuality as a sin that contradicts God's plan for creation. What brought to the fore the contradictions of the Vatican and its Great Pontiff in attitudes towards homosexuals. Pope Francis has won much acclaim in Western civil society for his welcoming tone toward homosexuals inside and outside the church. He even began advocating civil union laws for same-sex couples. Today it is under the arrows of the West itself and is closer to the conservative churches. After he was accused one day of covering up the sexual harassment of children in it. Well then this is Pope Francis, who seems still to be faithful to his contradictions. He is the one who covered up pedophiles one day for the sake of the church's reputation. Then he exposed them and hit them with an iron hand and gave a glimmer of hope to homosexuals in church marriage as children of God. Then he turned against them as sinners who prevented a divine plan for creation. In light of the fact that ecclesiastical same-sex marriage is not permitted to anyone, not even to priests and Catholics. Gay priests are also denied the right to enter the seminary. The question remains, what is the real position of the Vatican on homosexuality in the shadow of Pope Francis, who, in his capacity as Archbishop of Buenos Eros, called from the period between the years nine hundred and ninety-eight to the year two thousand and thirteenth to legal life partnerships for homosexuals to turn at the same time and call for preventing more equality for marriage gays. Also, Pope Francis did not hesitate to expel a Polish priest from the Vatican after declaring his homosexuality in the year two thousand and fifteen. In the book The Power of Call, issued in the year two thousand and eighteen. The Pope said that in the consecrated and priestly life there is no place for this kind of inclinations and they are not accepted in seminars and religious institutes. With the Pope refusing the Church's blessing for homosexual couples, the progressive Pope is turning towards the conservative currents in the Catholic Church, which he had accusations against before he represented the American Cardinal, who called on the Pope to resign, saying that he sows confusion among Catholics and raises their confusion. American Bishop Thomas Tobin also saw the Pope's position with homosexuals in contradiction with the teachings of the Church about the union of persons of the same sex and in support of immoral relations. Homosexuality in Christianity. The majority of Christian churches still oppose same-sex marriage as being against the divine plan and contrary to the period. It considers that homosexuality is an immoral practice and a sin, based on the saying of the Prophet Jesus, Jesus, from the beginning of creation, male and female, created by God. For this, a man leaves his father and clings to his wife. Historically, church fathers have long denounced homosexual activity as contradicting the teachings of the Bible. This is evidenced by the writings of Tritullian, Cyprian the Carthaginian, and Umbro Sister. They considered homosexual activity against nature and immoral. As Thomas Aquinas wrote in his Theological Compendium that homosexuality is the greatest sin of lust. European societies did not know a time when homosexuality was strictly forbidden, as they did after their official adoption of Christianity. In the year three hundred and sixty AD, Emperor Feodosius I criminalized homosexuality based on the New Testament's condemnation of it. Before applying various penalties against homosexuals, they reached the point of murder, burning and stoning. And the situation continued as it was until the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one. With the beginning of the separation of religion from the state in Western societies. When currents appeared more open to homosexuality. However, the Vatican's positions remained firm in refusing to accept homosexuality. John Paul II took the traditional Catholic Church position. Rejecting homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Pope Benedict XVI also saw same-sex marriage as a threat to the future of humanity. At a time when Christian views of homosexuality began to vary and how they dealt with it. Recently, a few liberal Christian currents support homosexuals. And don't consider monogamous same-sex marriage a bad thing. These denominations include the United Church of Canada, the United Church of Christ, and the American Episcopal Church.

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