A spy who worked in the palaces of leaders

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A spy who worked as a maid in the palaces of Arab leaders in Paris..Have you heard of the -sex- films and the Israeli honey trap?


Since announcing her retirement from politics in the year 1919 until now, with every concession made by an Arab leader to Israel, especially with regard to the deal of the century and secret meetings, her name emerges as one of the causes of pressure papers. Not as a former Israeli official, but as a Mossad agent. Who do newspapers and media keep reporting stories about having sex with Arab leaders. 

And filming these sexual meetings to blackmail these leaders. The file of former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzip Livni, since she worked in the Mossad until she assumed the highest ranks in Israel's leadership, confirms that she is one of the most famous intelligence agents. She was part of an elite unit in the Mossad. When she was assigned to collect information on Arab officials while she was working under the cover of a maid in Paris, this maid worked in the apartments rented to the leaders of the Arab nation. 

So what happened then leaked information what leaked. Here are some of my son's Tzipi file. Europe client. As soon as Livni finished her military service in the army with the rank of first lieutenant, she joined the Mossad and worked for it in Europe. She joined the ranks of Israel's intelligence through an old friend of hers, Mirajal, who served in this agency for twenty years. Livni participated between the years one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four thousand nine hundred and eighty-four. Mossad activities in pursuit of leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization in various parts of the European continent. 

My son benefited from mastering the French language to work in the field of collecting information on Arab officials in Europe. Her work in the French capital, Paris, in the early eighties, she practiced her activities under the cover of a maid or housekeeper in the houses rented or owned by the targeted personalities. European and Arab newspapers said Elifni's duties included transmitting all available information and establishing and photographing sexual relations with Arab leaders and officials. The benefits of pornographic recordings of Arab officials are still reaped by Israel, according to news reports. Blackmail these leaders and obtain concessions from them. honey trap. Since the year two thousand and twelve, the media has been publishing leaks about Ibn's having sex with Arab leaders. However, with Livni announcing her withdrawal from political action, media reports quoted Livni as saying to the British newspaper The Times that she did not mind killing or having sex if that was beneficial to Israel. Although these sensational confessions were quickly proven to be fabricated. But Livni confirmed that she would have thought of anything for Israel. 

In conjunction with the fatwa of a famous raw grant called Ari Shivat, in which he allowed Israeli women to have sex with enemies in exchange for obtaining important information for Israel. Thus, she linked Livni to the so-called honey hunter. It is a term given to the special missions carried out by the women of the Mossad. 

It is to get close to the target person and sometimes liquidate him. Shula ideal. Leaks about the son's file with the Mossad said that the Israeli spy, Shula Cohen, is one of Livni's most important ideals. Shula is considered one of the most spies who had sexual relations with Arab officials, especially Lebanese. What enabled her to open a shop for alcoholic drinks in one of the streets of Beirut. Before establishing a brothel on the same street, other officials and obtaining valuable confidential information. 

Cohen is Livni's idol. Active between the years one thousand nine hundred and fifty and one thousand nine hundred and sixty. In addition to spying on bank robberies and smuggling Jews' money to Israel. And if you, do you know someone better than Shula to set an example for Levini?

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